When Hunter Moore hacked into Kayla Laws’ computer and stole a topless picture she had taken for her own amusement, he thought she was just another woman whose body should be showcased on his now defunct site, However, this illegal act set off a chain reaction that–we hope–leads to time spent in federal prison. Dozens of women are involved in the case against “the most hated man on the Internet.” A major player in this fight for justice? Kayla Laws’ mom.

In a telling personal account published in xoJane (and reprinted in Jezebel), Charlotte Laws recounts the grueling task of getting Kayla’s pictures taken down. In fact, her nickname has become “The Erin Brockovich of revenge porn.” She writes: “I cancelled appointments, put work on hold and ignored routine tasks because a naked image rarely comes off the Internet unless someone becomes obsessed with its removal. RP website operators are consumed with what they do; therefore, anyone who hopes to prevail against them must be equally consumed.” Her efforts paid off, and the FBI launched their investigation against Moore.

The 27-year-old Moore is scared. In response to a Village Voice inquiry concerning federal charges, he threatened to burn the building down. He should be scared. Kayla Laws and other victims are standing their ground. And this time, they’re not going to be the ones getting burned.

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