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Public Data Website Opt-Outs

There is a huge industry made up of websites that collect and post our personal info, referenced here as “public data websites.”  For survivors of domestic violence, harassment, and stalking, having your personal details on the internet is not just annoying and intrusive, it’s dangerous. We created this list of websites, along with the links and/or support emails where you can request to “opt-out” of having your information listed.

Advanced Background Check

(406) 206-6446




Been Verified


Blockshopper (will allow you to disassociate your name)




Family Tree Now


Fast People Search**


Genealogy Bank




Instant Check Mate




My Heritage (opt-out via email request)


My Life (email to have information removed)


National Cellular Directory


Neighbor Report








Contact form:



(800) 718-8997






Public Records Now


PublicRecordsSearch (opt-out requires faxed in proof of identity)




ResearchGate/LocateFamily (requires ID in some cases)


Smart Background Checks

(800) 571-0614




Spokeo *

(888) 558-9004





True People Search



(855) 921-3711


White Pages*


ZabaSearch (information about opting-out)



(844) 992-3282


*For this site, to opt-out you must first search the site and locate a URL with your information.  Use that URL in the opt-out process.

**For Radaris, you must search for your name and register to opt-out.  This site has a lot of information, so it may be worth it to you to create an account.

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