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C. A. Goldberg Partner Aurore DeCarlo represented a defamation defense client who had spoken out about a sexual assault and faced a retaliatory lawsuit. 

As perhaps the busiest #MeToo defamation defense firm in the country, we see plenty of retaliatory defamation suits brought by predators that are designed to sway public opinion, discredit, humiliate and retraumatize victims. We have represented dozens of people who spoke out and were met with their abuser weaponizing defamation law again them. 

Facing an abuser attempting to use the courts as their own personal PR concierge? You can fight back. Scroll down to learn more about how we can help.  


Here’s what this client said about her experience working with C.A. Goldberg, PLLC:

Finding out I was being sued for defamation for speaking out about my sexual assault-er was an earth shattering experience for me. I felt silenced and stuck in an impossible situation. The team at C.A. Goldberg, PLLC, and in particular my lead attorney, Aurore DeCarlo, were superheroes who expertly fought what I felt was a losing battle, helping me to overcome my fears and find my power again. 

During litigation, I felt extremely exposed, but never once did I feel judged or blamed by my legal team. They were consistently supportive and understanding. Their strategic fight for my justice was unrelenting but still tender towards my feelings. Aurore is a brilliant, unwavering badass. Her knowledge of not only the law, but the psychology of sexual assault victims and abusers alike, is beyond reproach. 

My lawsuit ended with a settlement that could only be described as perfect. I didn’t lose my story or my voice, I never stepped foot in court, and I didn’t owe that guy any compensation or apologies. It was a complete win for me, and after all of his bravado, an utter embarrassing loss for him.

It was absolutely spectacular watching Aurore cut my abuser (and his counsel) down to size in deposition, reverting him to his true form of a worm throwing a temper tantrum. 

I could not recommend C.A. Goldberg, PLLC enough. Aurore will restore your power, and she will absolutely demolish your abuser. Even after settling, I know that I can always reach out with any questions and counsel. I feel very lucky to have gotten to work with Aurore and I can say with absolute certainty that anyone else seeking justice with C.A. Goldberg, PLLC will feel the same. 

-Female, Early 30s, defamation defense client


If you are facing an abuser attempting to use the courts as their own personal PR concierge, you can fight back.


Here’s how we can help:

  • Pre-publication risk assessments: For people interested in getting their story out there, we can read what you want to publish – your article, letter, book, screenplay, tweet, whatever – and advise you on the risks of defamation in your particular case with your particular offender.  We all know that truth is a 100% affirmative defense in defamation lawsuits, however being truthful does not always prevent a lawsuit. 
  • Cease and Desist:  If you got a letter accusing you of defamation, now is a key time to hire a lawyer to assess if it’s a bluff or a legitimate precursor to a lawsuit.  We can explore options to deter litigation. But even if you are like some of our clients who say bring it on to litigation, we have an important job to get you prepared for what’s to come.  
  • Negotiate:  If something bad has happened to you, you have the right to talk about it. Some offenders will pay you a lot of money not to sue them and/or not to speak about it.  At this firm, we believe everybody has the right to decide whether to accept money in exchange for not suing or publishing the truth.  We’ve gotten two seven figure settlements and many millions combined in six figure settlements for clients. It is our policy to negotiate agreements so that our client can still speak to his or her therapist about what happened and can without revealing personally identifiable information about the offender, speak publicly about their experience. 
  • Defamation defense:  If you’ve been sued, we can defend you if you are in NY, NJ, CA, or CT.  Sometimes we will also work in other states with local co-counsel.  About 30 states now have Anti-SLAPP statutes which offers an accelerated way to get speech-based lawsuits dismissed and has the added punch of transferring legal fees and costs of litigation from the defendant (you) to the plaintiff if we succeed in getting it dismissed. 
  • Offense: If you’re being defamed or your privacy is being invaded, we of course go on the other side and send out the cease and desists and file defamation lawsuits. 

Victims with something to say are getting savvier about how to discuss their abuse while protecting themselves from litigation. We’re getting more cases where survivors of assault and abuse come to us for legal advice before sharing their stories.  


Want to explore your options? 

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