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My lawsuit ended with a settlement that could only be described as perfect. I didn’t lose my story or my voice, I never stepped foot in court, and I didn’t owe that guy any compensation or apologies. It was a complete win for me, and an utter embarrassing loss for him. It was absolutely spectacular watching my attorney cut my abuser (and his counsel) down to size in deposition, reverting him to his true form of a worm throwing a temper tantrum. I could not recommend C.A. Goldberg, PLLC enough.

-Female, Early 30s

Before I found C.A. Goldberg, PLLC I felt so scared, alone, and helpless. I had become a victim of a serial predator who had tricked me into sending him hundreds of intimate images and then was posting them online and sharing with strangers. I wanted to defend myself but didn’t know how to. I reached out to an attorney who referred me to C.A. Goldberg, PLLC. Within the first week I contacted C.A. Goldberg, I was scheduled for a case evaluation to discuss what had happened to me and what was most important to me going forward, and I retained the firm. To my surprise and relief, they were able to quickly negotiate a 6-figure out-of-court settlement from the offender!

Aside from seeing the offender have to (literally) pay for the harm he caused me without having to start a potentially long, dragged out lawsuit, the best part was working with fellow women who truly understood what I was going through. It can feel so isolating to be a victim of internet crimes, but working with people who have been through it themselves brings a lot of comfort and support. I would absolutely recommend the firm to my friends and family–C.A. Goldberg seems to be the place to go if you need help from abusive men and internet harassers. In my experience, you could not be in better hands. The team will fight for you and make sure you’re involved with all of the decision making. It was truly a great experience.

I think hiring C.A. Goldberg was the best decision I could have possibly made. I finally have control over my life again.

-Female, Educator, 20s

I was referred to C.A. Goldberg, PLLC when I was learning about my options after the passage of the Child Victims Act in New York. As a male survivor of childhood sexual abuse by an adult family member, it took years before I was ready to acknowledge what had happened to me. The abuse had affected me for my entire life, particularly with regards to my mental health and relationships. When the #MeToo movement started, it triggered something in me, and I knew I could no longer be silent. I started therapy, which was an important step in my healing process, and then the CVA passed, and then I found this firm – it felt like the stars were aligning, telling me it was time to take this step for myself now. With C.A. Goldberg’s support, guidance, and encouragement I was ready to confront my abuser and hold him accountable. Everyone I spoke with at C.A. Goldberg, from the intake team to the attorneys, were wonderful. Through Aurore DeCarlo’s advocacy and skillful negotiations, the firm secured a six figure settlement on my behalf, before a lawsuit was ever filed. Most importantly, my attorneys gave me the long-awaited chance to confront my abuser and find closure. Those achievements were priceless. I am so thankful I chose to work with C.A. Goldberg. Beyond the financial settlement, the experience empowered me and helped me to finally open up to my immediate family members about what had happened to me. The impact goes far beyond the legal work with this team. If C.A. Goldberg takes your case, you won’t regret hiring them.

-Male, Sexual Abuse Survivor, 50s

C.A. Goldberg, PLLC represented me against someone who took and possessed a nonconsensual intimate video of me without my knowledge. My attorney Hannah Meropol spent a lot of time with me to determine my goals and advised me about all the legal actions that I could take. Hannah recommended that we send my offender a letter demanding that he delete the video and sign an affidavit stating he had done so. Hannah told me that it is very rare for offenders to sign an affidavit such as this but we decided it was worth a try. The letter was so effective in conveying to the offender that he committed a crime that could have serious repercussions against him that he signed the affidavit immediately! Now, I have peace of mind that I never thought could be possible. The outcome of this situation was truly ideal. I am eternally grateful to Hannah and the team at C.A. Goldberg!

-Female, Attorney, 20s

When my ex’s new girlfriend started making harassing Twitter and Instagram accounts and posting explicit photos of me online, I had no idea what to do. I had only shared these photos with my ex and never expected them to get in the hands of anyone else. I was in an extremely dark place, contemplating self-harm and feeling completely powerless. I started researching online, desperate for answers on how to deal with this situation. I was terrified that the dissemination of the photos would continue, which would mean losing my job and being unable to provide for my kids as a single mom. It was my biggest fear. Once I found the website for C.A. Goldberg, PLLC, it became clear that the firm not only takes cases relating to my situation, but they get laws on the books to provide avenues for justice for survivors. I knew they were the people who’d help.

Within two weeks of retaining C.A. Goldberg and my first meeting with my attorney Naomi, we were able to get the harassment and threats to stop. Naomi quickly sent a solid cease and desist letter that succeeded in cautioning the offender against continuing their harassment. They immediately responded and stopped their behavior, and I no longer had to worry about my private images being shared online!

Everyone I spoke with was super responsive and clear whenever I had any questions. Working with the team at C.A. Goldberg, I always felt like my hand was being held, even if I was never in the same room as anyone. If you’re on the fence about hiring them, trust me: do it. It’s worth it.

– Female, Single Mom, 30s


I do not believe I would have survived without this firm’s guidance. I do not believe my rapist would have ever gotten arrested had they not gotten involved. I do not believe I could have ended up in better hands while in the heaviest turmoil I’ve had to burden.

– Female, 30s, sexual assault and blackmail survivor


I was stalked, threatened, and sextorted by a professional mentor for 6 months. When I finally mustered up the courage to cut him off he contacted all of my loved ones, exposed extremely personal information involving a prior sexual assault, posted explicit photos of me, and more. I reached out to family and friends and was directed to C.A. Goldberg, where I was quickly taken on as a client.

Within a few weeks, I had a 2-year Order of Protection. They then we suggested we threaten to sue my abuser. Thanks to C.A. Goldberg, he settled for half a million dollars within about a month.

– Female, 30s, sexual assault and blackmail survivor

I was going through a divorce with an abusive ex-husband who posted naked photos of me on the internet when I contacted C.A. Goldberg, PLLC. My divorce attorney knew of your firm and told me I should contact you. I live in small town in Texas and it felt intimidating to contact a law firm in New York. But I felt so good after talking to the team at C.A. Goldberg, PLLC. From my very first exposure to the firm, I immediately felt that they cared. Every correspondence I had with anyone from the team put any fears to rest through the entire process. I felt the concern and understanding from everyone at the firm, and I never felt like “just a client” – but someone with pain and fear that that was so completely acknowledged by every person I spoke to. After working with the team, I would 100% recommend C.A. Goldberg, PLLC to anyone and everyone I know.  My attorney Annie was AMAZING to work with every step of the way. I’m very careful to respect the time of any attorney I’m working with, but Annie made me feel like I could call her at any time. I was able to see her as a real person and not just my attorney. She had an experience similar to mine and I felt like she had a “pay it forward” approach to helping me. I felt like I had someone in my corner who truly wanted what was best for me. I completely understand her mindset now, because now that I’m on the other side of it, I would also do almost anything for someone who has experienced the nightmare I’ve gone through.  C.A. Goldberg, PLLC helped me get an incredible divorce settlement, the best one of my divorce attorney’s entire career. This result led to the criminal prosecution of my abuser, who now faces six years of probation. I am a million times better now than I was when I first called the firm. It was one of the best decisions of my life, and that is no exaggeration.

-Female, 50s, TX


The team at C.A. Goldberg PLLC delivered exactly as promised. Not only were they able to execute on a sensitive social media concern of mine, but they also delivered professional intake and case management services.

They combined the best of cybersecurity and legal services available for the new world of digital security. I highly recommend the firm.


I was the victim of a literal terror campaign by my ex, who cyber-stalked me and my children, created over 100 accounts on porn sites in my name and placed my intimate pictures out there every day for two months without my consent and with the sole intention of destroying my life. The people who were supposed to be fighting for me just weren’t doing so I felt completely alone in my fight against my ex. In Annie and her team, I found true advocates.  There is so much judgment and stigma when you are the victim of these types of crimes. There was no judgment at C.A. Goldberg, PLLC, just understanding and a strong desire to seek justice on my behalf.  I strongly feel that without Carrie, Annie, and the C.A. Goldberg team, my ex would still be out there terrorizing me. There is much work to be done in this area of victim rights, but I’m confident that with C.A. Goldberg, PLLC there is someone fighting for us survivors! It’s hard to put into words how grateful I am to the team at C.A. Goldberg, PLLC.

I had read the profile on Carrie in the New Yorker long before I ever even imagined that I would need this kind of support. The first attorney I spoke with didn’t have a clue how to deal with online abuse, and that’s when it dawned on me that I really needed someone who understood how the internet works in order to help me. I’m so glad I remembered that profile. It brought me to the firm’s website and when I saw the resources available, I knew I was in the right place.

When I first spoke to C.A. Goldberg, PLLC, I was frightened and bewildered by the vicious attacks on my reputation that were online for everyone to see. I was in the middle of an academic job search, and I feared that potential employers would google my name and find all of these crazy rants against me, my family and my work. Walking through all of this material with the firm, documenting it, recording it, and making decisions on how to best proceed and counter it, gave me back a sense of control over my professional reputation. It also provided me with the much-needed confidence to address it more publicly, sharing my experience with others who have been similarly targeted.

I have already recommended the firm to a family friend after hearing how she had been abused online. I continue have the firm’s website at the ready for anyone who asks me about my experiences with online harassment.

I called C.A. Goldberg after finding that my ex-boyfriend had posted our sex tape, and a tape of him raping me while I was unconscious, on PornHub. Annie’s involvement in my case sped up the arrest of my rapist considerably. Without her, he may never have seen a day in court. When I called Annie, my hands were shaking, I was sweating, I was crying, panicked, pissed, confused. When we hung up the phone, I felt a calmness wave over me: my breath steady once again.  I wrote about Annie in my personal statement for my law school applications, and constantly referred to her as the light at the end of the tunnel, ending my statement by saying that someday, I hope to be the light at the end of someone’s tunnel in their darkest hour, the way Annie has been for me.


Here’s where C.A. Goldberg, PLLC made a huge difference. Your team understood me and what I was going through. I hired other lawyers, but they didn’t take me or the case seriously. Because of that, I was basically wasting time, throwing money away, and had to endure more years of abuse.


In case I have not said it enough- THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything. This was one of the craziest things I have ever experienced in my life, and I genuinely appreciate the care, attention and thought you put into handling my case. From the moment we started working together, I felt confident that, wherever this crazy journey took me, it would turn out okay in the end.

While I hope I don’t have a need to utilize your services again, I will always keep you guys in mind, and hope if our paths do cross again, it is in a positive way. 🙂

Thank you again for everything!

Entering into legal work can be daunting and intimidating. Especially when it involves very personal aspects of your life. However, my work with C.A. Goldberg, PLLC was not scary at all. They were open, understanding, and communicative throughout the process. They were able to provide information and the legal guidance I needed to be able to do my job securely.


When was being harassed and stalked by an ex on a warpath, I felt like my entire world was shifting out from under me. I was terrified and felt helpless. I had heard of C.A. Goldberg’s work through lectures, press and mutual friends so I got in touch. Immediately, they made me feel like I wasn’t alone, like I wasn’t insane, and like I wasn’t everything my ex was making me think I was.

It was the best, most holistic legal experience I could imagine – almost therapeutic at times. They advised me when to hold back on public relations or angry emails and re-think them – this type of coaching isn’t typically thought of as a “legal” service but it saved me from not only re-litigating past events, but from creating litigation for myself in the future. This is the type of support or expertise that most attorneys don’t, or can’t, provide.

The best part about working with C.A. Goldberg, PLLC was the responsiveness of the team. In my worst and most scary moments, someone at the firm always responded to my emails or texts. I felt so supported. You get the velvet glove and chainmail gauntlet with Carrie — she’s fierce and combative with the opposition but soft and real and in your corner behind the scenes. Today, I feel like I’m finally getting back to being myself again.

 High-Profile Academic, Woman, Stalking and Harassment Victim

I was harassed and stalked for six months by seemingly anonymous text messages and did not know where to turn for help, or whether help even existed for a situation like this.  I felt alone and helpless.  Once I found C.A. Goldberg, PLLC I learned that these situations are all-too common. They explained that misconduct like this is illegal and they could take steps to stop it — which they did.  I am deeply grateful for all they did for me and for putting me at ease through the process.

I was referred to C.A. Goldberg, PLLC to help me with harassment I was facing. The team was professional and responsive, and it was so helpful to know someone was on my side and had the tools to assist.


I came to C.A. Goldberg, PLLC in the summer of 2018. I had been sexually assaulted a year prior, and while I didn’t really understand the legal process or what my options were, I was so angry about what had happened to me I knew I had to do something.

It was so empowering to suddenly have a team of highly capable, driven, brilliant lawyers advocating for me. They erased any doubt in my mind about whether I was doing the right thing, and answered all of my questions clearly and thoroughly during every stage (and I had a lot of questions). They are compassionate, tenacious, and extremely knowledgeable about this area of law and the best approach to take for each situation.

Pursuing legal recourse may be daunting, but it is so rewarding to force someone to take accountability for their actions. It has given me a renewed sense of strength, dignity, and power that I felt deprived of after the assault. There are no words to describe how grateful I am for the C.A. Goldberg, PLLC team.

I had a wonderful experience being represented by C.A. Goldberg. I was terrified by my situation and their thoughtfulness and expertise were very comforting at my time of crisis.

They were able to resolve the situation through diligent hard work. Throughout the process, they were available and never dropped the ball.

The peace of mind that I received was priceless. I was able to resume my life. I’m very grateful to the entire staff.


I contacted this firm because an ex-partner had threatened to continue his control and abuse through online revenge. I had no idea that this was considered sexual assault. I had contacted my family attorney, and she could not help me but gave me referrals to more aggressive family/divorce attorneys. I called three other attorneys who either did not get back to me or did not know what to do. Literally, no clue, no mention of a TRO. By the time, I found Carrie Goldberg’s firm, I was suffering from volatile threats and harassment that included threats to my children, family, friends, and colleagues.

There is no good way to say “thank you” for what Adam Massey has done for me – my emotional wellness, my physical safety. He did whatever it took to stop the abuse as fast as he could. Often it felt like his goal was about how to keep me together while also fighting my cause. When I was incapable of fighting, he did it. When I was ready to do the fighting, he cheered me on and stayed close. Through his support and astute legal action, I was able to navigate my fear with my agency. Adam’s legal advising and knowledge are informed by his deep convictions about survivor advocacy and victim care. He is as intellectual as he is strategic; and, most importantly, he is a passionate good person. I am grateful for my life every day and for what he did to keep me safe.


I graduated college still pretty much thinking ‘social media’ was…social. Then I landed a TV role and found that there really are some nasty people online just looking to take advantage of you. After being defrauded out of money and subjected to extortion threats, I was fortunate to be referred to C.A. Goldberg. PLLC.

They quickly and effectively helped resolve my problem. Adam was responsive and really helpful in explaining what was going on and what my options were. I would definitely recommend them to anyone else with problems like this.


I had a million questions and few answers when I was being harassed. I hired the wrong law firm twice before I found C.A. Goldberg. Carrie has been victimized herself, and her firm brought my harasser to the attention of the FBI within several weeks while the police had been at a standstill for months.

They really do work f*cking fast and they care so much about their clients’ well-being.



A couple years ago I entered a relationship with a woman who slowly became very abusive toward me. Via constant shaming, blackmail threats, physical hitting and extortion of funds she made my life intolerable for a year. But even after I developed the backbone to break up with her, the abuse did not end. New friends of mine, post-breakup, were contacted by someone on my ex’s behalf, saying why they should avoid me. It was then that I found my computer was riddled with spyware – spyware sitting on my computer for a year and monitoring all of my emails. This is where C.A. Goldberg, PLLC stepped in.

A male friend had an excellent experience with the firm and recommended I contact them. C.A. Goldberg, PLLC discovered data I would never have been able to find on my own and was able to develop a strong case against my ex, some of which could have resulted in jail time. I followed the firm’s recommended course of action and we neutralized this harasser.

I cannot recommend this firm or its kind staff enough.

PS. To anyone going through this kind of experience, my two pieces of advice are to contact the firm ASAP and never, ever delete your emails. These emails can make your case. Good luck!


This firm is absolutely amazing. I walked in there completely nervous and scared because I was being bullied and never thought I would have to take legal action. EVERYONE was nothing but warm, patient, professional and above all, nonjudgmental. They understood my situation and were extremely helpful and thorough as I asked and called them a million times throughout the process.

I was beyond pleased with their work and the commitment they made to me to help me through my legal matters.

C.A. Goldberg, PLLC gave me my life back and I recommend them to anyone going through a tough situation.


C.A. Goldberg, PLLC was instrumental throughout the entirety of my case. Not only did they successfully battle an internet posting to be taken down, but they also helped me receive a 5-year order of protection against my ex. I will forever be grateful for their services.


C.A. Goldberg, PLLC has an amazing team that truly cares about their clients. I was only 19 years old when my ex-boyfriend distributed nude images of me to his friends and threatened to put these images on revenge porn websites. At the time, I had never even heard of the term “revenge porn” and felt terrified, helpless, and objectified. They understood my situation and made me feel like I was no longer stuck in the dark, anxiety-ridden place I had been in for so long.

They were kind, patient, and helped me to find the strength to fight back and finally go to my university to receive protection and justice. Carrie Goldberg is a true innovator and has successfully ensured that people like myself have a voice and are protected against predators who feel that they can degrade another by using their body as a weapon. Everyone was on my side throughout the entire process. I am grateful for their services!


Carrie Goldberg and her associates treated me warmly and handled my situation delicately and professionally. They understood not just my legal situation, but also the broader circumstances I faced. Because of this, they were able to provide a wide spectrum of advice, not just their legal opinion. I felt that, after meeting with Carrie, I not only knew my options, but also understood my situation better than I did beforehand.


I was very pleased with the work completed and how quickly it was completed. The attorneys who worked on my case were also extremely professional and responsive and sent constant updates on my case so I knew that I was in good hands.

If anything else comes up, I’ll contact C.A. Goldberg, PLLC again.

I will never forget the morning I received a threatening email from my ex-boyfriend; the contents of the email was of private photos of me along with a solicitation of sex. I was in shock and stricken with fear.

This firm truly eased my fear and I felt reassured that they would put a stop to my ex’s threat. Within a few hours they sent a stern letter to my ex. I was very pleased with that letter and their outstanding services. I sincerely hope no one ever has to go through this kind of ordeal, but if you happen to find yourself in a similar situation then I would highly recommend you contact C.A. Goldberg, PLLC for their expertise and counseling.

Attorneys and legal fees are scary. But you know what’s scarier? A malicious bully having your most personal information or images… or your kid’s…. and they have the ability to exploit it in ways that could do irreparable harm.

The team at C.A. Goldberg, PLLC leveraged a national team to help activate law enforcement and civil courts to bring resolution to an imminent threat to me and my family. Our regional attorney, although wonderful, wasn’t even aware that a law had been broken, let alone had a strategy to protect us and prosecute the perpetrator. All the expertise came from this firm and their network of legal and high tech experts.

I bet my family’s reputation on C.A. Goldberg, PLLC and I would do it again. They have my complete trust.


I hired C.A. Goldberg, PLLC for my Title IX sexual assault grievance proceeding at my prestigious eastern seaboard college.

This law firm was highly recommended to me by a friend of the family. Thank god I found them. At our very first meeting Carrie asked me to walk her through the incident in question without omitting any details. She asked me to expand and clarify parts of my story that I did not see at first bore any relevance to the case. After I decided to retain her services she set to work right away.

The amount of time and labor she put into my defense was astounding: researching my school’s conduct policies, its past handling of Title IX cases, the backgrounds of the administrators involved, the grievance hearing and adjudications processes (they seem to differ from one college to the next and colleges have so much power to decide the fate of its citizens), the possible outcomes, the process of appeal, and more. Most importantly she prepared me for the discovery hearing. She worked hours with me, advising me on how to stick to the facts, how to address the Title IX officers, asking me questions (many of which they did ask), advising me how to keep my answers clear and concise. To cut to the end, the outcome was successful. I felt heard and justified and the disciplinary actions meted out were the best possible outcome.

Carrie Goldberg’s legal eloquence, fierce advocate for her clients, compassion, honesty and responsiveness is unparalleled to any lawyer out there.

Her team is always with you every step of the way so you are not alone. Together they will go after the evil villains with full force both online and in the courtroom.

What impressed me the most was how easily it was to get in touch with the C.A. Goldberg, PLLC team. They have set the ‘awesome lawyer’ standard very high for me. It was the best decision I made to work with her firm.

Carrie Goldberg and her team at C.A. Goldberg, PLLC were incredibly responsive when I had an urgent, time-sensitive issue. I had evening and weekend calls with Carrie as well as her tech consultant, who had innovative solutions to help me confront a very 21st-century problem.

Carrie was particularly sensitive to the potentially newsworthy nature of my situation. What mattered more than anything was how much Carrie actually cared, and truly shared my outrage at my attacker.


For years, C.A. Goldberg, PLLC has been a trusted partner and invaluable resource for assessing, managing, and responding to incidents of harassment within our community. As a nonprofit that travels the country using humor and outrage to fight back against enemies of reproductive freedom and providing aid to independent clinics in hostile states, we count on partners like C.A. Goldberg to feel supported in our work.  They never hesitate to respond immediately when we send an abortion provider, advocate, or patient in crisis their way. As the legal landscape surrounding reproductive rights changes daily, it’s a comfort to know that they are here for us.  

The team at Abortion Access Front

Adam is a good egg.  He gives a sh*t and it’s obvious. He pays strong attention to detail and he digs into matters thoroughly, almost voraciously. He seems to have fun doing this, which is probably why he’s so good at it. He communicates very well. He sets expectations upfront, then explains things clearly without over complicating things. He doesn’t get annoyed and he doesn’t talk down to you. He never makes you feel stupid because you are not a lawyer. To me, this is the sign of someone who knows how to wield power responsibly.

Matt Mireles –  Founder/CEO | OASIS 

We are so appreciative to have Adam Massey’s expertise on our panel about campus sexual assault at East Stroudsburg University during Sexual Assault Awareness month (April 2018). He made the trip to Pennsylvania to support our “What Were You Wearing?” Survivor Art Installation and to speak on the “What now? What next?” panel with mental health practitioners and feminist scholars. There were many tough moments and issues that required legal knowledge, and he attended to those moments and issues directly, clearly and with urgency that these ideas deserved. Discussions about the law and sexual assault on campus are complicated and sensitive, he managed the complexity without watering it down and helped our audience through the entanglements with respect, sincerity and knowledge. Our audience was mostly undergraduate students and professors and included survivors and victims. Along with his acute legal expertise, we felt his intense commitment to advocacy and equity against sexual violence in the room. The panel would not have had the same affects or effects without him.

Dr. Stephanie McCall, Assistant Professor and Co-Chair/Inaugural Curator “What Were You Wearing?” Installation Committee

Carrie Goldberg’s visit to the University of Richmond helped our students to expand their understanding of the complexities of nonconsensual pornography and the battle to protect victims’ privacy rights.

It gave the students new tools and resources to use in combatting nonconsensual pornography and to advocate for social change more generally. Many left

Ms. Goldberg’s talk feeling both more knowledgeable and more empowered to be part of the change needed to hold perpetrators accountable for their devastating actions. Ms. Goldberg’s professional and personal passion for this work resonated deeply with our students.

Melissa Ooten, Ph.D. Associate Director, WILL* Program at University of Richmond

Ms. Carrie Goldberg provides the legal team you want protecting your back. She is a true innovator and tirelessly dedicates herself to unmasking online predators on behalf of her clients. Ms. Goldberg knows that many of the laws on the books are outdated and not keeping pace with the digital age. To combat this, Ms. Goldberg finds creative and effective solutions to help uncloak predator anonymity to stop online harassment for her clients. Where necessary, she proactively provides aftermath mitigation. Goldberg is one of the few in the legal profession who are experienced in handling this evolving threat to each one of us – someone taking advantage of us from behind a device. Consequently, she has raised awareness for policymakers and consumers about the novel ways online predators are destroying other people’s lives. Carrie is one of our favorite attorneys to collaborate with because of the extremely positive impact her work has had on the every day life of so many victims.

As a company devoted to cyber-security and intelligence, Fortalice Solutions always advises clients to seek guidance from a lawyer who knows about Internet harassment and privacy, especially in the early stages. The Internet never forgets. Data lives on in today’s social media.

Threats can escalate if not handled by a professional. When it comes to selecting an advocate with the know-how to execute a fast and stealth response, C. A. Goldberg, PLLC is the firm to engage.

Theresa Payton, CEO/Co-Founder Fortalice Solutions, LLC and former White House Chief Information Officer

We couldn’t have asked for a more knowledgeable, more interesting and truly accommodating speaker in Adam Massey. It was truly a pleasure having Adam present for our series and we want to thank C.A. Goldberg PLLC so much for allowing Adam to come and present at the University of South Carolina School of Law. (February 2017)

Assistant Dean Gary Moore, University of South Carolina School of Law

It was so great having C.A.Goldberg, PLLC attorneys come and speak to the students on our campus at Stevens Institute of Technology. They provided us with the knowledge and power to protect and defend ourselves, and we are extremely thankful for that. Thanks to C.A. Goldberg, PLLC for working with us to organize this fantastic presentation! (April 2017)

Sigma Delta Tau – Delta Nu Chapter and Phi Sigma Sigma – Delta Zeta Chapter

We couldn’t have asked for a more knowledgeable, more interesting and truly accommodating speaker in Adam Massey. It was truly a pleasure having Adam present for our series and we want to thank C.A. Goldberg PLLC so much for allowing Adam to come and present at the University of South Carolina School of Law. (February 2017)

Assistant Dean Gary Moore, University of South Carolina School of Law

Finding and paying for quality legal advice and representation can be daunting. Carrie Goldberg and her team offer a unique constellation of politics, experience, and proven track record of successful advocacy in and out of the courts. You can’t put a price on that.

Gideon Oliver, Esq., civil rights lawyer

Carrie Goldberg is a phenomenal lawyer working hard to represent cyber harassment victims and providing us with inspiration.

Danielle Keats Citron, in her book “Hate Crimes in Cyberspace”

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