C.A. Goldberg, PLLC Turned Ten and We Are Looking Back at the Firm’s Most Memorable Moments Over the Past Decade!!!

This January 24, we celebrated our tenth birthday – a decade of fighting and taking down Big Tech, as well as predators, pervs, trolls and stalkers who have terrorized our clients at work, home, school and online. Reflecting on the past decade and looking ahead to the next ten years, we have highlighted the most impactful moments of our legal work and advocacy – moments that changed our clients’ lives and also impacted the legal and social landscape, both in New York and across the country.

  1. America’s first law firm dedicated to representing victims of image based sexual abuse (IBSA), formerly known as “revenge porn.”

Learn more about our IBSA work. Check out news coverage in The New Yorker: The Attorney Fighting Revenge Porn.

  1. The groundbreaking case of Hadley v City of Anaheim, where we established that police departments must have basic competence about digital evidence.

Learn more about this case.

  1. Establishing our national practice representing abortion providers and their allies who are being targeted and harassed by anti-abortion extremists.

Learn more about anti-abortion harassment work.

  1. The arrest of Harvey Weinstein from our client’s charges of sexual assault in People v Weinstein and our significant role in the #MeToo movement.

Check out news coverage in The New Yorker: Behind the Scenes of Harvey Weinstein’s Arrest.

  1. Our founder Carrie Goldberg’s appointment to the Plaintiff Steering Committee in the first national case against Big Tech (TikTok, Snap, Google, Meta).

Check out news coverage from Bloomberg Law: Meta, Google, TikTok Must Face Hundreds of Addiction Suits (2).

  1. Co-founding the Survivor’s Law Project with Crumiller PC to revive cases for survivors of sexual assault under the ASA with empathetic, trauma-informed legal representation.

Learn more about the Survivor’s Law Project.

  1. Exposed NYC Department of Education (DOE) for discrimination against Girls of Color who reported sexual assault.

Check out news coverage in The New York Times: Schools Punished Teenagers for Being Victims of Sexual Assault, Complaints Say.

  1. Pioneered the product liability theory against Big Tech, claiming that companies should not be protected under Section 230 for harms caused on their platforms due to their design.

Learn more about tech product liability work.

  1. Crusaded to ban Sodium Nitrite – a popular method of suicide used by adults and purchased on Amazon.

Check out news coverage from Bloomberg Law: Suicides Spur Suits on Amazon Sales of Legal-But-Lethal Compound.

  1. Shutting down Omegle.com, the online chat room that facilitates anonymous video streaming between strangers age 13+, FOREVER!!!

Read the exclusive coverage of the lawsuit and our client’s story from BBC: Omegle: ‘How I got the dangerous chat site closed down.’

Honorable Mentions of Our Most Memorable Moments:

  • Survived the pandemic without layoffs or furloughs
  • Ranked fastest growing law firm in the country in 2018 by Law Firm 500
  • Published NYT Editor’s Choice book Nobody’s Victim: Fighting Psychos Stalkers Pervs & Trolls
  • Testified to congress x2 about tech liability
  • Launched the White House Task Force Against Online Abuse
  • Starred in the film Netizens

Check out more details of each memorable moment:

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