How our intake process works

When you experience a privacy violation, it’s totally normal to feel unsure about asking for help. But contacting a law firm does not have to be confusing, scary or intimidating!  We are committed to supporting people like you, which is why we make contacting us a straightforward and transparent process.



We have been where you are now and we know how it feels. You are here, which means that you’ve realized you don’t have to face your problem alone.



Our intake team’s goal is to listen carefully and understand your reasons for reaching out to us. Below, we have laid out what to expect when you contact us.


The process to getting signed-on and able to receive legal advice consists of 3 steps:

  1. A brief 5-10 minute intake call with our Intake Specialist
  2. A 1 hour Case Evaluation with our Client Relations Manager
  3. Signing a Letter of Engagement

After this is complete, we’ll connect you with the attorney whose expertise best suit your needs, and get working on your case.

We’ve explained the process in a little more detail below, so you know what to expect when you click ‘send’ on our contact form.

The first conversation

After you reach out via our online contact form (which is the quickest way of reaching us), you’ll be sent a link to schedule your Intake Call.

We understand that speaking to an attorney is important to you right now, but completing this 5-10 minute Intake Call is vital in progressing to that.

This brief conversation with our Intake Specialist gives us background on what’s happening so we can work out if we are the best people to help you. The Intake Specialist will gather basic background info from you and take notes on why you’re calling.

If it sounds like we can help, we will then schedule a time for you to talk to our Client Relations Manager, Norma, for a case evaluation. The aim of this is twofold: firstly, it confirms that we are the best people to help you. Secondly, it will make the best use of your valuable time so that when you come to speak to one of our expert attorneys they have a clear picture of the issue at hand, and can move forward to the task of solving it in the most efficient way possible! The case evaluation fee is completely refundable, if your case does not fall within our practice areas (we want you to get the support you need, and will be transparent and honest about whether we are the right people to provide that).

TIP: For all calls, make sure you are in a quiet place where you feel comfortable talking freely.

Your questions

The case evaluation is a perfect time for you to share your most pressing questions. Our Client Relations Manager will make sure that the attorney speaking with you is prepped on what your biggest concerns are ahead of your first conversation.

TIP: Our intake team are extensively trained but cannot offer legal advice or counsel. Their job is to evaluate your case, quickly figure out if it’s a good fit, and get you matched up with the best attorney for the job.


We understand that you want help NOW! After gathering information from you, and if it sounds like we can help, our Intake Specialist will share our earliest availability for you to have a Case Evaluation, at our office or over the phone. As soon as you do this and sign the Letter of Engagement, which establishes our working relationship, we’ll get you scheduled to talk to an attorney. We have tried and tested our processes to make sure this can happen very swiftly and efficiently!

TIP: Not sure what date works? Just put us on hold to check your calendar.

Checking in

The moment you call us is the moment we start caring. What you’re going through is difficult and we want to help. If you don’t schedule a consultation during the intake, we’ll set a follow-up date to check in. If your situation falls outside our practice areas, we will do our best to refer you to someone who is better placed to assist you.


We are here to help. Now, let’s get started!



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