Yesterday was Samford University Cumberland School of Law’s symposium about privacy and data security:  “Practicing Law in the Age of Surveillance and Hackers.”

I presented, but not on what you might think.  About the cyber-security practices a Joe Schmoe small-fry law practice can adopt.  I stopped short of describing some of my more outlandish pre-tech, pre-hacker practices, such as wrapping my laptop in chains and shackling it to my wrist.  [God, I wish I were kidding.] I do sort of espouse the notion, though, that those with the most sophisticated cyber-security practices are the attorneys using carbon copies and mimeographs.  But now that e-filing’s a thing. . .

Birmingham is lovely.  (Though, when my host pointed out the Chick-Fil-A that a city ordinance tried to block. I was like, yeah, their politics are bullshit.  He looked confused and said, no, I think we’re okay with that, it’s just the community thought their proposed parking lot was too big.)

Moderating two panels was the unparallel-edly wonderful robo-privacy-estopelling wunderkind, Professor Woodrow Hartzog.  I had the privilege of rubbing elbows with our keynote, ABA past president, James Silkenat; Computer Hacking and Intellectual Property mega-star at the DOJ (and Powerpoint mastermind), Brian Levine; the glam brainiac of white collar defense, Sarah Hutchins; one of the few people who deserves a title like EVP of Knowledge Strategy, cicayda’s Mark Jenkins;  cross-border eDiscovery goddess, Dera Nevin; infosec policy game changer, Drew Simshaw; and Harvey Rishikof’s ten foot head skyped onto a projector hovered over me — and I wouldn’t be surprised if that was life-size b/c so much brain in that one.

Thank you Birmingham and Woody and the American Journal of Trial Advocacy, and the impressive Amanda Kisor, 3L for pulling it all together.



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