Tech’s Online Content Shield Dented by Product Liability Claims

READ: Tech’s Online Content Shield Dented by Product Liability Claims – Bloomberg Law

Another article of many this week on C.A. Goldberg’s groundbreaking Section 230 case against Omegle prevailing on product liability claims. 

Last week the Oregon District Court issued its decision that our case A.M. v. Omegle will advance on all four of its product liability claims, overcoming Omegle’s argument for Section 230 immunity.

This is massive progress on Section 230 liability for dangerous tech products.

C.A. Goldberg was one of the first to use a product liability claim to attempt to overcome 230 – in our lawsuit against Grindr. That ultimately failed on appeal in the Second Circuit, but the current wave of litigation that we’re seeing is an endorsement of our original concept. 

Our case against Omegle is far from over. We’re now waiting to hear on the second Motion to Dismiss. Omegle is arguing their product is not a product. We will be arguing against that in August.  Watch this space.



Winning Through Losing: “The judges agreed with Herrick on the moral argument, but with Grindr on the law.” – American Bar Association 

Herrick v. Grindr: Why Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act Must be Fixed – Lawfare 


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