My Client geo-mapped her Stalker’s VPN locations

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 6.03.49 PM

Click the map to interact with it.  In the Fall of 2013, my client became the target of extremely vicious online and offline harassment.  Many of her personal social media platforms were hijacked by the offender. He would change the passwords, lock her out, and then impersonate her. It was a complex and dark situation. Darker than I will discuss. After recently regaining control over her Facebook account after  two years, we obtained a log documenting all the IP addresses the offender had used to log in to her account. She mapped those IP addresses for a school project. Obviously the offender used VPNs to mask his identity and to make it more difficult to catch him. Each IP address is linked to a specific geographic place, though, and it is interesting to see how somebody a couple blocks away can mask their IP address so that it looks like they are operating a computer on a different hemisphere. I am very proud of this client for all that she’s accomplished. She is as bright as her situation is dark.

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