Henessy Pineda

Henessy Pineda

Intake Coordinator

Henessy joined the C.A. Goldberg team in early 2024, bringing with her a wealth of experience and a strong commitment to empowering individuals through the legal system.

For the past two years, Henessy served as a Paralegal at a white-collar criminal defense and civil litigation law firm, where she honed her legal acumen and administrative skills, providing support to attorneys across all stages of defense.

In her capacity as the Intake Coordinator, Henessy serves as the initial point of contact for potential clients. With a trauma-informed approach, she meets clients with empathy and a genuine desire to help transform their stories into empowering narratives.

Henessy holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Cornell University, where she studied Industrial and Labor Relations. During her undergraduate studies, she dedicated herself to advocating for reforms within the criminal justice system. Her efforts included practical experience with the Criminal Justice and Employment Initiative, academic research on parental incarceration, and an internship at the Vera Institute of Justice.

Driven by her own experiences navigating the legal system, Henessy is deeply passionate about uplifting and empowering individuals. She is committed to providing support and care to those embarking on their journey to empowerment through the law. Henessy is a steadfast advocate for underprivileged communities, people of color, and survivors.

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