Colleen Chung

Colleen Chung

Legal Assistant

Colleen joined the firm in 2023 as a legal assistant, bringing with her a fiery commitment to empowering individuals who have been systematically harmed. Colleen lends legal administrative and technical support to attorneys and she’s one of our takedown technicians helping to get our clients’ content offline. Colleen is a NOVA-credentialed victim advocate who is passionate about fighting for survivors of gender-based violence and Big Tech-facilitated harms.

Collen previously served as a matrimonial and family law paralegal at various law firms for the past 5 years, having assisted with numerous pleadings and motions and addressed numerous clients’ concerns in a diligent, compassionate manner. She is currently attending the City University of New York School of Law where she hopes to pursue a career at the intersection of victim advocacy and data privacy. She is expected to graduate in Spring 2027.

At C.A. Goldberg, Colleen has:

  • Removed hundreds of nonconsensually-distributed intimate photos and videos from the internet
  • Removed hundreds of URLs entirely from search engine results on behalf of clients
  • Removed dozens of social media accounts for invasions of internet privacy
  • Collaborated with teams at Google and Reddit in the complex removal of malicious content
  • Assisted in sending numerous cease and desist letters and restraining orders to offenders
  • Assisted in the preparation of motions and trial binders for sexual assault and product liability cases against Meta, TikTok, and Snap for harming children
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