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C.A. Goldberg, PLLC is a New York law firm that fights for victims of sexual assault, stalking, and blackmail – online and off. We fight for people under attack and fight against the assholes, psychos, pervs and trolls who think they can get away with it.

We are done living in a world of abuse and we are not afraid to sue the *&%$ out of schools, tech companies, and employers who tolerate it. There are many ways to get justice for our clients – economic justice, restraining orders, advocacy in Campus Disciplinary proceedings, exposing a predator, getting the piece-of-shit thrown in jail.

We do it all. Not in New York State? Under special circumstances, we pair up with local counsel so we can represent people in other states.


Carrie Goldberg is a victims’ rights attorney who has built a team that provides cutting edge legal help for clients under attack. She is the author of Nobody’s Victim: Fighting Psychos, Stalkers, Perv, and Trolls.


Adam Massey has worked with dozens of nonconsensual pornography victims and has removed thousands of images and videos from the Internet. He is currently litigating Title IX cases and Defamation Defense cases for survivors who spoke publicly about sexual assault

Law Grad & Advocate

Annie joined the firm in Spring 2019 after graduating from CUNY Law School where she developed a passion for anti-violence advocacy. Annie’s ability to fiercely advocate for and connect to her clients is an outcome of being a survivor of intimate partner violence and a former client of C.A. Goldberg, PLLC. She is living proof of our mission to turn victims into warriors.

Managing Senior Associate

As a managing attorney in legal services, Aurore has spent the last 15 years fighting for the rights of those who cannot afford to defend themselves. She has led teams of attorneys, social workers and community organizers to empower vulnerable, dispossessed and often marginalized clients.

Senior Associate

Lindsay is a former Kings County prosecutor who specialized in cases of sexual violence and crimes against children. Prior to joining the Special Victims Bureau, Lindsay handled general violent crimes. She has successfully tried rapes, robberies, assaults, and child abuse cases to jury verdict and has argued matters before the Appellate Division, First Department.


Sophia joins the firm after a successful tenure as the Associate Program Director of the ICAN Project, a health initiative that empowers and informs New Yorkers navigating the healthcare market. Prior to joining ICAN, she worked as a clinical ethicist at Lenox Hill Hospital, providing astute and judicious consultation on ethically complex queries faced by the medical team. She has also worked as a senior attorney with the NYS Task Force on Life and Law and as a staff attorney role with the Vera Institute of Justice’s Guardianship Project.

Legal Assistant

Amna graduated from William Paterson University in 2014 with a degree in Political Science and Philosophy. She supports the firm by conducting research, communicating with clients, and preparing for hearings and trials.

Administrative Assistant

Elizabeth is passionate about helping those in need and has worked to bring awareness about issues such as human trafficking to the public. Her volunteer work has led her to work with children in the foster care system as well as countless other causes. She brings this same passion and empathy to our firm as we support our clients.

Client Relations Manager

Norma graduated magna cum laude from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2017. She worked in the retail industry for several years during this time. While she was a student, Norma became a target of stalking and revenge porn, changing the direction of her life. The traumatizing experience inspired her to join the fight to end injustices like the ones she had faced.

Intake Specialist

Edward is our Intake Specialist. He’s had years of experience of handling sensitive cases, and takes pride in making our clients feel comfortable when they first come to our firm seeking help.

Chief Operating Officer

Deborah brings a depth of management and leadership experience to C. A. Goldberg, PLLC as its Chief Operating Officer, including time as the CEO of a full service investment banking firm and a manager in the consulting division of Deloitte.

Of Counsel

Susan Crumiller is the founder and principal attorney at Crumiller P.C., a law firm dedicated to fighting gender and pregnancy discrimination in the workplace. Until having children, Susan spent ten years representing tenants in fast-paced landlord-tenant litigation, first-seating a dozen trials and winning appeals at the Appellate Term and Appellate Division.

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