NYC child sex abuser arrested and charged after targeting and coercing girls online

NYC child sex abuser arrested and charged after targeting and coercing girls online

C.A. Goldberg, PLLC associate Annie Seifullah has spent the past year advocating on behalf of a child abuse victim who was targeted and coerced by a group of men that coordinated to collect child sexual abuse material from girls and share the images in a private online collection.

Thanks to Annie’s support of the investigation, the offender who targeted our client has been arrested and charged.

Sadly, C.A. Goldberg, PLLC has seen a drastic increase in tech-facilitated grooming/sextortion of teens and pre-teens during the pandemic, with a 75% increase in underage victims in the first year since Covid-19 lockdowns began.

We supported those individuals according their unique needs. This included:

  • helping arrange a school transfer,
  • opening a federal investigation,
  • mobilizing a national network of experts to supervise the psychological stability of the child involved,
  • launching a legal case against the platform where the abuse occurred,
  • using our relationships with the national organizations to trace the distribution of abuse images across the internet,
  • when possible, holding to account the outrageously powerful and wealthy tech companies who enabled the victims to be hurt in the first place, and turned a blind-eye to their pain.

If your child has experienced grooming or sextortion, you do not have to go through it alone.

This may feel like a nightmare, but we have extensive experience in guiding parents of online child sexual abuse victims. We stand ready to support you and your family.

Remember: you aren’t committing to anything by making contact with us. This is just the first step to finding out more about your options. Ready to take the next step? We’re waiting for your message.


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