Annie Seifullah, ESQ

Annie Seifullah, ESQ


Annie joined the firm in Spring 2019 after graduating from CUNY Law School where she developed a passion for anti-violence advocacy. Annie’s ability to fiercely advocate and connect to her clients is an outcome of being a survivor of intimate partner violence and a former client of C.A. Goldberg, PLLC. She is living proof of our mission to turn victims into warriors.

Education: CUNY Law School

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I was the victim of a literal terror campaign by my ex, who cyber-stalked me and my children, created over 100 accounts on porn sites in my name and placed my intimate pictures out there every day for two months without my consent and with the sole intention of destroying my life. The people who were supposed to be fighting for me just weren’t doing so I felt completely alone in my fight against my ex.  But in Annie and her team, I found true advocates.  There is so much judgment and stigma when you are the victim of these types of crimes. There was no judgment at C.A. Goldberg, just understanding and a strong desire to seek justice on my behalf.  I strongly feel that without Carrie, Annie, and the C.A. Goldberg team, my ex would still be out there terrorizing me. There is much work to be done in this area of victim rights, but I’m confident that with CA Goldberg there is someone fighting for us survivors! It’s hard to put into words how grateful I am to Annie and the team at C.A. Goldberg.

– Client testimonial

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