Jeff Epstein Victims Deserve Money From Their Abuser.

Jeffrey Epstein, the unbelievably wealthy American financier, is a pedophile who allegedly ran a child sex ring out of three of his U.S. residences. He is also the subject of a shocking three-part expose by the Miami-Herald, explaining all the routes he took to evade the lengthy prison sentence his criminal actions warranted.

Uma Sanghvi/Palm Beach Post

Wealthy offenders often avoid meaningful punishment.

To say Epstein got the “deal of a lifetime” is an understatement. Despite overwhelming evidence that he had assaulted and raped up to 80 girls, he was handed a “non-prosecution” deal. In 2008, he pled guilty to 1 charge: soliciting prostitution. In return, he registered as a sex offender and served just 13 months in jail. According to the Herald, he was granted work-release during his imprisonment, which allowed him to go to his Palm Beach office for 12 hours a day, six days a week. 

He now resides in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The Miami Herald maps out the players involved in this stunning miscarriage of justice. In short, Epstein knew powerful people, such as our current secretary of labor Alex Acosta, and prosecutors within the DANY headed by Cy Vance Jr, who could turn a 10-year sentence into a slap on the wrist. The insulting deal compounded the misery and trauma this ruthless predator brought upon his underage female victims. 

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As expected, the civil suits against Epstein came. Some were dismissed, some were settled out of court, others are still open. However, considering the fact that Epstein coerced his many victims into recruiting others, it is within reason to assume there are many women out there who have not used civil means to get the justice denied to them.

There is a financial cost to being raped.

In 2017, a study by the American Journal for Preventive Medicine estimated that rape costs victims $122,461 over their lifetimes. This is a substantial expense and supports our firm’s belief that restitution, whenever possible, is important in our sex assault cases. 

Suing for physical injuries as a result of car accidents or slip-and-falls is a common and encouraged course of action in the U.S. But the intentions of victims who sue for physical injuries from being raped or sexually assaulted are frequently doubted.

Why is that?

Considering the low conviction rates of sexual predators in criminal courts, even if the defendant isn’t filthy rich and connected, it’s seems absurd to shame victims who take the civil route to hold their rapists accountable. As Carrie discussed in a 2015 post on suing your rapist, most victims aren’t compensated because offenders rarely have money.  Therefore, when assets are present, we should support survivors who move forward with civil lawsuits instead of branding them as “opportunists.”

Jeff Epstein victims deserve financial justice. The kind of justice our firm got for our client, an underage sexual assault victim, who was punished by her school for reporting her rape. Money makes life comfortable. Most importantly, it helps victims afford things like therapy and medication – sometimes costly resources that are instrumental to their healing and recovery.

 Our legal team is not afraid to stand up to deep-pocketed offenders who use money and influence to exploit and silence their victims. 
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