Press release: C.A. Goldberg & Crumiller Launch ‘Survivors Law Project’

C.A. Goldberg & Crumiller Launch ‘Survivors Law Project’ : Press release

Survivors, BFFs, law firm owners: C.A. Goldberg and Crumiller Join Forces to Launch ‘Survivors Law Project’

BROOKLYN, NY – Susan Crumiller and Carrie Goldberg are law firm owners, survivors, and best friends whose firms represent plaintiffs in sexual abuse and harassment litigation. Now, the two have teamed up to create a co-counsel initiative called Survivors Law Project.

The trailblazing law firms of C.A. Goldberg, PLLC and Crumiller P.C. are now jointly representing plaintiffs in new sex abuse cases brought under New York’s Adult Survivors Act (ASA) and similar legislation. The ASA temporarily revives all expired civil claims of sex abuse committed against those who were 18 or older, no matter how long ago the abuse took place. The ASA “lookback window” opens on November 24, 2022, for a period of one year.

Since #MeToo, survivors are increasingly speaking out and demanding justice. Survivors Law Project will provide legal advocacy that is trauma-informed and deeply experienced in this area of the law. The launch represents the next major step of a survivor-led movement to hold abusers and their enablers accountable.

Statement from Susan Crumiller, founding attorney at Crumiller P.C.

“Carrie and I have each spent years meticulously building up our firms to provide survivors with representation that is both aggressive and trauma-informed—because we’ve been there and we get it. Being sexually abused sucks, especially when you feel like you don’t have the tools to fight back. That’s why we created Survivors Law Project, because when powerful women band together in pursuit of justice, we all win.”

Statement from Carrie Goldberg, founder at C.A. Goldberg, PLLC:

“My relationship with Susan is something I wish all of our clients had when taking their abusers to court. Susan and I have been by each other’s side during many of the darkest days in our lives but also some of the happiest. This collaboration is a natural extension of our friendship, but also a way of making sure that more survivors get the best possible representation for them. Together, we will empower victims to regain a sense of control that they may have lost while suffering abuse, with the backing of a team of skilled, compassionate lawyers who truly understand what they’re experiencing.”


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