What’s the point of a paid legal consultation?

It’s to empower you to make the best decision about your future AND for you to figure out if you want us to represent you. It’s in your and our best interest to have a consultation that is responsive to your unique needs, so here’s why we charge a fee.

Your Empowerment Requires Our Undivided Attention And Expertise.

A lot happens in the lead up to your consultation:

– The attorney creates a response plan for legal and support staff to handle if a current client crisis happens while they’re talking to you.

– The attorney has a debriefing conversation with Carlie about the notes she took on her intake call with you.

– Based on that conversation, the attorney outlines ways we can help.

Our attorneys are always busy working on our current clients’ matters. We have limited scheduled time to talk to new people who need help, but only people who are serious about fixing their problem and becoming a client. Paying for a consultation signals to us that a person values their problem and our time. It’s no different than going to the mechanic, doctor, or hairdresser. If you become a client, you will receive the same prioritization.


Our years of experience have shown us that not everyone comes to the consultation with clarity and honesty about their matter.  The consultation is a moment for a person to really think about how their crisis is impacting their reputation, money, emotional well-being, and relationships.

The point of the consultation is not to give you all this substantive legal advice and tell you what to do. It’s to listen to the issues that truly motivated you to contact us so we can develop the game plan to get you to the other side. It’s for you to really look at where you are right now and think about where you want to be. It’s for you to really think about what will happen if you take no action and how your life will be two days, two weeks, two months, two years from now.

Tailored Strategy.

When you finish your consultation, the attorney reviews their notes and drafts specific strategies to achieve your goals based on what you’ve shared. They then discuss their game-plan with Carrie, who oversees all cases and works with them to revise their game-plan if needed.

The fact is, you’re continuing to receive the attention and expertise of our legal team long after your consultation ends.

We are leaders in the field of online harassment and sexual privacy. The commitment and attention we give to our potential clients are qualities we pride ourselves on and that starts the moment our firm is contacted.


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