#VictimsAgainstSection230 needs YOU!

Change is coming! And we need warriors like you to help build an internet that is more equal, safe, and truly free – because it puts human lives ahead of gigantic profits.

We’re starting a coalition of #VictimsAgainstSection230!

Right now there are a lot of bills floating around that are aimed at modifying CDA Section 230, the federal law that shields tech companies from legal liability. This law is the reason why victims of online stalking, harassment, CSAM, dating app rapes, etc have zero rights against big tech.

Because of CDA 230, if you are injured because of swatting, doxxing, sextortion, revenge porn, child sexual abuse material, or even somebody buying a gun online illegally and shooting you in the face, you can’t do anything against the company that enabled it.

It’s likely because of this 1995 law that you were injured in the first place, since tech companies have no incentive to implement safety innovations because they know there’s no threat of users suing them. As a result, some of these companies (hi, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Snapchat) are worth billions and billions.

“Carrie Goldberg’s vision for reform is not to force companies to thoroughly vet every piece of user-generated content but to hold them accountable for the foreseeable human and computational actions that their software enables, including amplification, replication, and retention.” The New Yorker, June 6, 2020

So, who is weighing in on all these new CDA 230 proposals? Who is going to determine the future of the CDA Section 230? Right now, it sure as hell isn’t the victims. It’s the tech companies themselves, tech lobbyists, professors, politicians, law enforcement. Yep – they very organizations who are hoarding massive wealth thanks to the unspeakable harms raged by big tech, are the ones legislating it.

Victims need a collective voice. We need your voice.

If you are somebody who has been harmed by an app or social media company, or if you are an advocate or lawyer who deals with victims, please join the coalition by filling in this very quick survey!

We are so excited to bring together a collective voice that pressures our politicians to listen to REAL LIFE stories of harm.


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  • Join #VictimsAgainstSection230 by filling in this very quick survey!

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