Carrie speaks at the White House About our k-12 Sexual Assault Cases to Members of the Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault (May 19, 2016)

Carrie with Laura Dunn and the SurvJustice team
Carrie with Laura Dunn and the SurvJustice team

Amazing day talking to the White House Task Force members about sexual assault in k-12 with the crew at SurvJustice. The tribunal was an intimate one with influential policymakers from the Department of Justice, Department of Education and the Vice President’s office. Carrie spoke at length about access to justice issues for individuals sexually violated in middle and high schools and the role that social media plays in amplifying the bullying and retaliation against victims and in creating a new category of sexual violations (e.g. revenge porn) .  Our youngest and most injured clients’ voices have been heard. Our firm will not stop until changes are made both in sexual violence prevention and school response.   

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