Support NNAF’s #Bowl18 and Its Fight Against Barriers to Reproductive Care!

Last week our firm filed a lawsuit against the defendants who had hacked into the National Network of Abortion Funds fundraising site in 2016. It was a multi-pronged attack that included them posing as fake donors and stealing identifying and credit information of sincere donors. Read the full complaint here.

The hack occurred during the non-profit’s biggest and most significant annual fundraiser, the Bowl-a-Thon

Several outlets, including CNN and The Stranger are taking note of our claims that the hackers violated the 1994 FACE Act, which protects reproductive healthcare providers and recipients  from intimidation or physical obstruction to those services.

This year, strengthen the position of our courageous plaintiffs  and donate to their bowl-a-thon campaigns

Gateway Women’s Access Fund 

Preterm Access Fund

Northwest Abortion Access Fund

Kentucky Health Justice Network

Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund

Your generosity will support every person’s right to safe access to reproductive care! #bowl18 #nnaf

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