Stars, they’re just like us — they want it the f*ck off the Internet

We are thrilled with two spectacular victories for celebrities who sued after major sexual privacy invasions.  $55m for ESPN sportscaster Erin Andrews against the peephole perv and the hotel chain that let it happen and $115m (plus TBD punitive damages) for Terry Bollea (aka Hulk Hogan) against Gawker who posted a nonconsensually captured sex tape and refused to take it down because of their misguided belief they had a 1st amendment to keep it up.  As I noted live on CNN on March 15, there’s no putting the genie back in the bottle once videos are so widely circulated. Any single human who viewed it has the capability to download it and re-upload it. For the rest of their life, these videos will be floating around and for that, somebody must pay. The same is true for non-celebs.  When law enforcers are too busy picking their toes to investigate privacy crimes, victims can take matters into their own hands and sue the f*ck out of the wrongdoer.

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