No one should have to shelter with an abuser

Domestic Violence is exploding across the USA in light of Covid-19-related Stay At Home orders and movement restrictions as victims are isolated, cut-off from support networks, and trapped in unsafe situations.

Data from police departments around the country has shown a sharp uptick in reported incidents (which, as we all know, is just the tip of the iceberg). Mother Jones identified 13 cities and counties that have reported increases in emergency calls to 911 or domestic violence hotlines over the past month. Numerous places have seen double-digit increases.

Thankfully, here in New York family courts are still processing Orders of Protection, which are a vital part of a safety planning. If the person abusing you is your current spouse, the father of your child, a family member through blood or marriage, or someone with whom you have an “intimate relationship,” then you may be able to get a temporary Order of Protection in family court in one day.

If you are scared of leaving a relationship for fear of what your partner might do to you, or if you are being stalked, harassed, threatened, or harmed by an abusive ex or partner, an Order of Protection might be exactly what you need to get them to go away and stay away.
An Order of Protection can:
  • direct an abuser to not injure, threaten, or harass you or your children
  • direct an abuser to stay away from you and your children
  • require an abuser to move out of your home
  • require an abuser to follow custody orders
  • require an abuser to not have a gun
  • require an abuser to stop contacting you at all
We can help you navigate the process of obtaining an Order of Protection. Or, if you already have one, we can take over and support the process going forward.  Wondering if an OP is right for you? Read more about Orders of Protection here.


An abuser may be monitoring your communications, so take care. 

Use the contact form on our site, not an email account that may be monitored.

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Delete your web history – but beware this might be noticed by your abuser (stayed tuned for a blog coming soon on how to do this).

If you get caught on our site, you can say it was because you read an interesting article about guys being sextorted online and it linked to our site.


We can help you develop a comprehensive safety plan. 

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