Pioneering Victims’ Rights Law Firm Seeking Hotshot Summer Associate — Emergency!

We are seeking a rising second or third year intern to join our office for the summer semester.

The C.A. Goldberg intern will be working on our cases relating to nonconsensual pornography, anti-abortion terrorism, blackmail, and Title IX litigation. The intern is responsible for researching, writing, drafting litigation documents, client interaction, online content removal, and other miscellaneous assignments. Candidate must possess strong analytical and writing skills, a scrappy attitude about the law/advocacy, and a deep commitment to privacy and confidentiality. The Candidate must have good coping skills as he or she should expect to work on intense cases surrounding the topics of nonconsensual pornography, stalking, sexual assault of teens, and abortion providers under attack. The intern will be exposed to sexually graphic and at times violent imagery.

The intern must be willing to sign an NDA and be prepared for us to sue you if we discover you’ve leaked any of our law firm or client information. Sorry to threaten you in an intern announcement, but we aren’t playing around when it comes to privacy and confidentiality.

SALARY:  Unpaid. You must prove that you can receive school credit for this opportunity.

DESIRED START DATE: June 5th, 2017

HOW TO APPLY: Send a brief cover letter and resume to by May 31st, 2017. Include your weekly availability.

ABOUT THE FIRM: C.A.Goldberg, PLLC is a growing litigation firm that fights for victims of online harassment, sexual assault, and blackmail.

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