NYC Dept of Ed Under Fed Investigation for Botching Our Clients’ Sexual Assault Cases (May 24, 2016)

The New York City Department of Education is a rape-hospitable environment. Three of our clients were formally or informally suspended after reporting sexual assault to their school administrators.  All three victims were black low-income girls age 13-15. This is school push-out.  Last year our firm prompted three federal investigations into school districts around the country for violating the civil rights of victims of sexual harassment and sexual violence. Three of the eighty nationwide k-12 investigations opened by the United States Department of Education Office of Civil Rights are our cases.  One of those is against the New York City Department of Education. Within a week, we’ll have three more filed.  We will not stop our lawsuits and federal complaints until the New York City Department of Ed stops accommodating and punishing rape.

Our clients were victimized once by their assailants.  A second time by their schools.  Our firm finds justice for them.

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