A new model for fashion: celebrating a decade of impact and community

A new model for fashion: celebrating a decade of impact and community

C.A. Goldberg, PLLC is so excited to support the Model Alliance on their 10th anniversary!

Born of the unique experience and understanding that models have of the fashion industry, Model Alliance promotes:
  • fair treatment
  • equal opportunity
  • more sustainable practices
– from the runway to the factory floor.

Models are some of the most visible workers in the world, and the multi-national companies they represent have an impact on public health, our environment, and working people’s lives. 

By assisting models and other stakeholders in understanding the laws applicable to them, and by encouraging them to have a voice in their work, the Model Alliance identifies common areas of concern in the fashion industry, conducts strategic research with leading research institutions to inform policy initiatives, and educates the industry and the public about core issues.

From creating protections for models from workplace sexual harassment and pressures to engage in starvation dieting, to calling for transparency and accountability across global supply chains, we need to inject a labor consciousness into fashion. The Model Alliance aims to lead this effort.

Through creative collaboration and self-expression they are helping to build an industry where everyone can work without fear of harassment, abuse, discrimination or violence.

Here’s to Model Alliance and to a decade of impact and community! Learn more about their work here.

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