March 2018 Newsletter – From #MeToo to #FightingTheHellBack

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Throughout this month, Gloria Steinem’s words kept coming to mind:

The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.

And when women get pissed off, shit gets done. (Yes, men get shit done too, but we’ve got a few days left of Women’s History Month and we gonna smoke it.) It’s why federal prosecutor Mona Sedky was our nominee for Wired mag’s female innovator. She deserves many, many other accolades like “Dope as Hell” and “Person Most Likely to Get You Arrested if You Dare to Sextort Minors.” It’s why we celebrate the completion of Cynthia Lowen’s phenomenal documentary Netizens, which features the story of how our firm was born from hellish stalking and online abuse. The stories of Anita Sarkeesian and Tina Reine are also celebrated. This film was so lovingly created and it’s going to change the world.

This month is just more proof that when you invest your attention, awareness, and dollars into culture-changing initiatives that women are working on, good and just things happen to everyone.

Speaking of women making historic moves, we can’t forget about #TimesUp. It’s a watershed moment for exposing sexual predation. The group agreed we can no longer let this criminal live it up in Arizona. We have been working hard with a committed crew of activists, actors, and professionals in legal and legislative initiatives that can help victims throughout New York State.

Our biggest commitment is moving our clients from #MeToo to #FightingTheHellBack. In that vein, we continue to counsel our clients about all the options available to them after an assault – even if it’s decades later. While a statute of limitations may have expired, it is never too late for justice.

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