Juan Thompson Pleads Guilty to One Count of Cyberstalking and One Count of a Hoax Threat (Jun 13, 2017)

For months our client was the target of relentless and unrelenting online stalking, defamation, and impersonation at the hands of Juan Thompson. What began as revenge porn culminated in a national news story when he called in hoax bomb threats at Jewish Community Centers around the country, again impersonating her or claiming he knew she was about to take this violent action.  She was terrorized for months. We give tremendous credit to the team that investigated and prosecuted this case and expect it to be a lesson about the patterns escalation we so often see at our firm among the victims of stalking who we represent.  At this point, we hope the media respects our client’s privacy at home and work since it was her privacy that was so under attack by this man.

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