Firm owner gets book deal!

Carrie Goldberg can soon put ‘published author’ next to her name. She recently snagged a book deal with Penguin Books. Check out the deal announcement from Publisher’s Marketplace.

Carrie Goldberg’s FAIRER SEX: From the Frontlines of Stalking, Sextortion, and Revenge Porn, a prescriptive memoir by a lawyer described as “Gloria Allred meets Jessica Jones,” which explores high-profile cases on the frontier of harassment, blackmail, and threats of violence committed online, at once an urgent expose, a feminist battle cry, and the inspiring story of a woman who overcame her own abuser to protect other victims, to Kate Napolitano at Plume, in a significant deal, at auction, in a hardcover deal, by Adriann Ranta Zurhellen at Foundry Literary + Media (NA).

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