Andrew Todd, Gaming Editor at Badass Digest, nails it in his long read “Video Games, Misogyny, and Terrorism:  A guide to Assholes.”

It’s a man not tolerating cyber bullies and ridiculing the opponents of cyber civil rights advocates.  It truly is a wonderful display of alliance toward the subjugated groups attacked online, in this case, women in gaming. May the article persuade those who don’t yet get it.  May it also be a model and reference tool for those who want to help and don’t know how.

“Central to the self-centred psychology of these people is that they see themselves as the targets of a grand conspiracy of feminist, progressive journalists and game developers that seeks to destroy their ability to…something. They have no actual issue. It’s all perceived persecution at the hands of political correctness. These “theories” are so narcissistic, so devoid of substance, that the only way to explain them is through delusion. And I mean, I get it – justifying one’s shitty behaviour with a made-up conspiracy probably feels better than confronting the painful truth that one is an asshole. They think they’re part of a “silent majority”, but the real silent majority is the one that either isn’t aware of their ridiculous conspiracy theories, or understands that there’s simply no reasoning with people who are so obviously out of their minds. It’s the same kind of fictional oppression old white folks claim about foreign immigrants who are still generally less well-off than they are. The moment a woman – or even someone who empathises with women – muscles in on “their” territory (which hasn’t actually ever been “theirs”), they’re off, spouting slurs, giving the fingers at intersections, and publishing their banking details on hate sites.”

Read it, and if you are curious about online abuse, just read the vitriol of comments after his article.

Thanks, MAF, for the link to the article!

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