Client Wins Settlement from New York City’s Department of Education (Oct 1, 2018)

Annie Seifullah, a former Queens principal, was targeted by her ex-boyfriend in a humiliating revenge porn campaign. Her employer suspended her. She recently wrote about her experience for Jezebel. The department’s retaliatory and discriminatory actions magnified the damage our client’s abuser inflicted on her.

At a time when educators like her are sorely needed, they wasted the career of a rising star in the New York City school system. Evident from this case and the hundreds of others our firm has managed is the fact that being a target of stalking and harassment destroys much more than a person’s peace and safety. It can destroy their career and future.

We are proud that our client triumphed beyond this moment and is now studying to become a lawyer to help others who have lost everything because of somebody else’s rage.


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