Chipotle messed with the wrong mother: our client

Breastfeeding Mother Takes on Chipotle
for Privacy Violation and Public Shaming

Brooklyn, NY (May 12, 2017) – On Wednesday, May 10th, Tiffany Bowman, a 27-year-old student and mother, sat down to eat dinner at a Chipotle restaurant in Dover, Delaware. She was with her fiancé and two sons – a one-year-old and a six-year-old. Midway through the meal, the restaurant manager interrupted their dinner, physically hovered over her, and demanded that she stop breastfeeding her youngest child. The manager refused to move until he witnessed her remove her child from her breast.  The incident ended in her being told she could continue to feed her child. . .  in the bathroom.  Instead she left in tears with her family.

Women who are at their most vulnerable in the months after giving birth need to be protected and not scolded in front of witnesses for performing the most basic and natural of acts. Unfortunately, many mothers continue to experience this kind of public humiliation and exclusion, which has led Bowman to fight back.

“The irony that Mother’s Day is on Sunday isn’t lost on me,” says Carrie Goldberg who represents Bowman. “The day is reserved to celebrate and honor mothers, but the fact is, mothers are constantly shamed and humiliated for responding to the immediate physical needs of their children in public, and it has to stop.”

In response to the social stigma and discrimination breastfeeding women face, Delaware established a law in 1997 that protects their right to breastfeed in public locations.

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