Carrie Goldberg joins Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s Transition Committee

Carrie Goldberg joins Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s Transition Committee


We are honored to announce that our founder Carrie Goldberg has been invited to serve on incoming New York County District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s Transition Committee on Gender Based Violence.

The work of the Transition Committee aims to transform the office to deliver safety and justice for all. As part of the transition team, Carrie will work alongside co-chair Marissa Hoechstetter and other talented, committed people to address complex and urgent issues.

The District Attorney’s job is to seek justice in criminal cases, decide whether criminal charges are brought to court, work to prevent crime, and serve as a leader in the community they are elected to represent. Alvin is the first African-American and person of color to be elected to elected to this office.

C.A. Goldberg, PLLC has experience working with NYC’s outgoing DA to try to get Weinstein and many other clients’ predators prosecuted – and found it demoralizing. To have a DA who cares from day one is huge for our city.

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