C. A. Goldberg is sponsoring the CSATF conference

Founded in 2016, the Cyber Sexual Abuse Task Force is a multidisciplinary coalition of individuals committed and dedicated to combatting and ending technology-facilitated abuse.

Members include various CAG staff, attorneys, advocates, law enforcement, social workers, students, and others committed to creating a safer world – both online and offline. The Task Force was a driving force in the passing of the city and state Cyber Sexual Abuse laws in New York, and has been conducting trainings centered on the functionality of the laws, since their inception.

This year, our work feels more crucial and urgent than ever before. With the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, we saw our world change in ways we could not imagine.

Technology, in many ways, has been a lifeline for many folks as we saw much of our daily life pushed into the virtual world. But amidst this abrupt shift to remote work and life, we have seen an increase of instances of technology being used as an instrument of abuse, exploitation, and harassment.

We’re eager to continue to shine the light on these issues and facilitate meaningful dialogue around the topic, so the conference this year will be online with the theme: “There is No Offline: Technology Facilitated Abuse and the New Normal.” If you are interested in attending, please reach out to info@cagoldberglaw.com!


Save the date, October 22nd 2020


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