Brett Kavanaugh Showed His True Self Then Asks You to Forget It.

Dear American Public, Please ignore the hours of obfuscation, posturing, and blatant disrespect that I displayed at the hearing last week because I really, really want this really special job. Sincerely, Judge Kavanaugh

Judge Kavanaugh’s whimpering op-ed published in the Wall Street Journal yesterday was not meant for the public, it was meant for any holdouts who’d publicly expressed doubt about voting for him. In the piece, he makes a sweeping apology for his arrogant and crude behavior during his testimony while simultaneously claiming that this behavior was totally unlike him; a rare and uncharacteristic display of self-defense in the face of a “political hit”.

Putting Blasey Ford accusations aside, his honesty has been questioned along with his sycophantic impulses towards the Trump administration. 

The final vote is set for Saturday, October 6th when we will watch this national travesty conclude. In the meantime, whatever anger you’re feeling know that you’re not alone. This has been an extremely infuriating and frightening time. Our firm believes survivors. Our firm stands by Dr. Blasey Ford. 

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