Bored? Cooped up? In the mood for some online fun? READ THIS

Cooped up?  
In the mood for some online fun?

Waaaaaaaait!!!! Before you dive into that cyber quarantine coitus, listen up!  In the last week, we’ve seen a huge spike in contacts from men (usually 30-55) who are being extorted by camgirls who recorded them masturbating.

There are plenty of very honest sex workers and cammers. But there are a few that will film your encounter and demand money or they will send the video to all your LinkedIn/Insta/FB contacts.

If you don’t know/fully trust who you’re camming with, here are some tips:

  • DON’T show your face
  • DON’T use an email with your name on it
  • DO curate your background – no MBA diplomas hanging in the background or framed family photos next to your lube
  • DO hydrate, but not out of your monogrammed work mug
  • DO be weary of cammers who DM you on dating sites. Actual cam girls are too busy working to be trolling on dating sites.
  • DO be suspicious of anything that’s free!  For legit camming sessions, you pay and you aren’t extorted afterwards.  For instance, cam models on OnlyFans set monthly rates and it’s on a subscription basis. Through the platform, subscribers can pay for live or private sessions.


If you’re being Sextorted: Don’t panic, and try not to try not to let feelings of shame or embarrassment get in the way of your taking back control.  It’s never a good idea to actually provide money or personal identifying information. To determine how real and how dangerous the threat is, consult with a lawyer who has seen every permutation of these crimes. We can easily evaluate if the threat is real and whether the extorter actually has the video they claim to have.

It’s not uncommon for us to deal with Sextortion cases involving minors, who are persuaded to send nude pics by peers or pedophiles. It’s devastating, so please be mindful of the way your kids are using technology at this time. We are here if you need help.


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