Adam Massey, Esq.

Adam Massey, Esq.


Adam Massey is an Partner at C.A. Goldberg, PLLC, a law firm based in Brooklyn, New York, that fights for victims of online harassment, sexual assault and blackmail. Adam is currently litigating Title IX cases and Defamation Defense cases for survivors who spoke publicly about sexual assault.

Adam joined C.A. Goldberg six years ago, after graduating from the Cardozo School of Law, where he was a Paulsen Scholar.

“I contacted this firm because an ex-partner had threatened to continue his control and abuse through online revenge. I had no idea that this was considered sexual assault. I had contacted my family attorney, and she could not help me but gave me referrals to more aggressive family/divorce attorneys. I called three other attorneys who either did not get back to me or did not know what to do. Literally, no clue, no mention of a TRO. By the time, I found Carrie Goldberg’s firm, I was suffering from volatile threats and harassment that included threats to my children, family, friends, and colleagues. There is no good way to say “thank you” for what Adam Massey has done for me – my emotional wellness, my physical safety. He did whatever it took to stop the abuse as fast as he could. Often it felt like his goal was about how to keep me together while also fighting my cause. When I was incapable of fighting, he did it. When I was ready to do the fighting, he cheered me on and stayed close. Through his support and astute legal action, I was able to navigate my fear with my agency. Adam’s legal advising and knowledge are informed by his deep convictions about survivor advocacy and victim care. He is as intellectual as he is strategic; and, most importantly, he is a passionate good person. I am grateful for my life every day and for what he did to keep me safe.” – WOMAN, EDUCATOR, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SURVIVOR

“When I first spoke to Adam, I was frightened and bewildered by the vicious attacks on my reputation that were online for everyone to see. I was in the middle of an academic job search, and I feared that potential employers would google my name and find all of these crazy rants against me, my family and my work. Walking through all of this material with the firm, documenting it, recording it, and making decisions on how to best proceed and counter it, gave me back a sense of control over my professional reputation. It also provided me with the much-needed confidence to address it more publicly, sharing my experience with others who have been similarly targeted.” – WOMAN, 50s ONLINE HARASSMENT SURVIVOR

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