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If anything else comes up, I’d contact C.A. Goldberg again . . . I was very pleased with the work completed and how quickly it was completed.

I will never forget the morning I received a threatening email from my ex boyfriend; the contents of the email was of private photos of me along with a solicitation of sex. I was in shock and stricken with fear.  I told my friend and she knew of Carrie Goldberg and of her expertise on these cases. As i spoke with spoke with Adam I felt at ease; Carrie and Adam are an amazing team. They truly eased my fear and I felt reassured that they would put a stop to my ex’s threat; and within a few hours they sent a stiff and stern letter to my ex. I was very pleased with that letter and their outstanding services.  I sincerely hope no one ever has to go through this kind of ordeal, but if you happen to find yourself in a similar situation then I would highly recommend you contact Carrie Goldberg for her expertise and counseling.

Attorneys and legal fees are scary. But you know what’s scarier? A malicious bully having your most personal information or images… or your kid’s…. and they have the ability to exploit it in ways that could do irreparable harm. The team at C.A. Goldberg leveraged a national team to help activate law enforcement  and civil courts to bring resolution to an imminent threat to me and my family. Our regional attorney, although wonderful, wasn’t even aware that a law had been broken- Let alone had a strategy to protect us and prosecute the perpetrator. All the expertise came from C.A. Goldberg and their network of legal and high tech experts.

I bet my family’s reputation on C.A. Goldberg and I would do it again. They have my complete trust.

I hired Carrie Goldberg for my Title IX sexual assault grievance proceeding at my prestigious eastern seaboard college. Carrie Goldberg’s law firm was highly recommended to me by a friend of the family. Thank god I found her. At our very first meeting she asked me to walk her through the incident in question without omitting any details. She asked me to expand and clarify parts of my story that I did not see at first bore any relevance to the case. After I decided to retain her services she set to work right away. The amount of time and labor she put into my defense was astounding: researching my school’s conduct policies, its past handling of Title IX cases, the backgrounds of the administrators involved, the grievance hearing and adjudications processes (they seem to differ from one college to the next and colleges have so much power to decide the fate of its citizens), the possible outcomes, the process of appeal, and more. Most importantly she prepared me for the discovery hearing. She worked hours with me, advising me on how to stick to the facts, how to address the Title IX officers, asking me questions (many of which they did ask), advising me how to keep my answers clear and concise. To cut to the end, the outcome was successful. I felt heard and justified and the disciplinary actions meted out were the best possible outcome.

Carrie Goldberg’s legal eloquence, fierce advocate for her clients, compassion, honesty and responsiveness is unparalleled to any lawyer out there. Her team is always with you every step of the way so you are not alone. Together they will go after the evil villains with full force both online and in the courtroom.

What impressed me the most was how easily it was to get in touch with Carrie and her team. She has set the awesome lawyer standard very high for me. It was the best decision I made to work with her firm.

Carrie and her team were incredibly responsive when I had an urgent, time-sensitive issue. I had evening and weekend calls with Carrie as well as her tech consultant, who had innovative solutions to help me confront a very 21st-cetury problem. Carrie was particularly sensitive to the potentially newsworthy nature of my situation. What mattered more than anything, though, was how much Carrie actually cared, and truly shared my outrage at my attacker.

Carrie and her associates treated me warmly and handled my situation delicately and professionally.  They understood not just my legal situation, but also the broader circumstances I faced.  Because of this, they were able to provide a wide spectrum of advice, not just their legal opinion.  I felt that, after meeting with Carrie, I not only knew my options, but also understood my situation better than I did beforehand.


Ms. Carrie Goldberg provides the legal team you want protecting your back.  She is a true innovator and tirelessly dedicates herself to unmasking online predators on behalf of her clients. Ms. Goldberg knows that many of the laws on the books are outdated and not keeping pace with the digital age.  To combat this, Ms. Goldberg finds creative and effective solutions to help uncloak predator anonymity to stop online harassment for her clients.  Where necessary, she proactively provides aftermath mitigation. Goldberg is one of the few in the legal profession who are experienced in handling this evolving threat to each one of us – someone taking advantage of us from behind a device. Consequently, she has raised awareness for policymakers and consumers about the novel ways online predators are destroying other people’s lives. Carrie is one of our favorite attorneys to collaborate with because of the extremely positive impact her work has had on the every day life of so many victims.

As a company devoted to cyber-security and intelligence, Fortalice Solutions always advises clients to seek guidance from a lawyer who knows about Internet harassment and privacy, especially in the early stages.  The Internet never forgets.  Data lives on in today’s social media.

Threats can escalate if not handled by a professional.  When it comes to selecting an advocate with the know-how to execute a fast and stealth response, C. A. Goldberg, PLLC is the firm to engage.

Theresa Payton, CEO/Co-Founder Fortalice Solutions, LLC and former White House Chief Information Officer

It was so great having Lindsay Lieberman and Adam Massey come and speak to the students on our campus at Stevens Institute of Technology. They provided us with the knowledge and power to protect and defend ourselves, and we are extremely thankful for that. Thanks to C.A. Goldberg, PLLC for working with us to organize this fantastic presentation! (April 2017)

Sigma Delta Tau - Delta Nu Chapter and Phi Sigma Sigma - Delta Zeta Chapter

We couldn’t have asked for a more knowledgeable, more interesting and truly accommodating speaker in Adam Massey. It was truly a pleasure having Adam present for our series and we want to thank C.A. Goldberg PLLC so much for allowing Adam to come and present at the University of South Carolina School of Law. (February 2017)

Assistant Dean Gary Moore, University of South Carolina School of Law

Finding and paying for quality legal advice and representation can be daunting. Carrie Goldberg and her team offer a unique constellation of politics, experience, and proven track record of successful advocacy in and out of the courts. You can’t put a price on that.

Gideon Oliver, Esq., civil rights lawyer

Carrie Goldberg is a phenomenal lawyer working hard to represent cyber harassment victims and providing us with inspiration

Danielle Keats Citron, in her book Hate Crimes in Cyberspace