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I wrote the below article over a year ago. (And eek, can’t find it in the blog archives, but did find it reprinted on a law school’s website.) Although a little outdated, it does reflect the current status of our NYS laws re: revenge porn and unlawful surveillance. It is relevant now because of the proposed city revenge porn bill.

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On September 8th, the first day of school in New York City, Public Advocate Letitia James launched a new campaign to protect students. Carrie had the pleasure of speaking with PA James at the press conference on the steps of Dept of Ed headquarters.
Since going public with our cases against the NYC DOE,

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Read our newest opinion piece at Huffpo: “Back-to-School Advisory: K-12 Schools Must Address Sexual Violence” by Carrie Goldberg and Servet Bayimli. It’s time for NYC DOE to take its head out of the sand and realize that kids are being sexually assaulted by other kids. On school properties. And the victims are being punished.

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Firm’s Title IX complaint results in OCR investigation of Indiana School District after it retaliated against underage victim of voyeurism

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Firm’s Title IX complaint result in OCR investigation of Texas School District after it retaliated against underage victim of revenge porn

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Firm’s Title IX complaint results in OCR investigation in NYC Dept. of Ed for retaliation against rape victim

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Introduction of Legislation to Combat Revenge Porn
United States House of Representatives Intimate Privacy Protection Act Press Conference, with Reps Jackie Speier (D-CA), Katherine Clark (D- MA), Ryan Costello (R-PA)
Canon House Office Building, Washington DC

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We added a new practice area on our website: blackmail, extortion, and public humiliation. This has always been a core part of our practice, but never given proper real estate on our website until now.
Many of our clients are at the peak of very successful and public careers when somebody destructive enters their life and sees our clients’

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Last week we took inventory of the amazing results we’ve gotten for our clients who’ve been the victim of online attack, revenge porn, sextortion, blackmail, etc. Even we are impressed!

488: Number of URLs removed from search engine results when client’s name is searched

247: URLs removed entirely from the Internet

49: Anonymous online accounts (and people) de-anonymized

34: Social media and email accounts banned

509: Intimate images removed from the web

410: Sex videos removed from the web

14: Cease and desist letters sent to formerly anonymous offenders

72: Restraining orders our attorneys have obtained for clients

34: Cases resulting in open police investigations

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