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October 6, 2017

BROOKLYN, NY  —  For over a year, Ryan S. Lin used technology to inflict a cruel and barbaric campaign of harassment against our 24-year-old client who was his former roommate. During the couple months when they lived together, Lin stole private images, journals, medical, sexual, and psychological information, and other sensitive materials from her computer to trap our client in his terrifying and abusive scheme.

Along with sharing confidential and graphic details of her life with her friends and family and hundreds of others, he also sent child porn through spoofed accounts and created online profiles falsely claiming our client wanted to engage in rape fantasies. Men showed up at her apartment, expecting violent sex. Like in other cases, this man not only relentlessly fixated on our client, but also made bomb threats terrorizing his community. Although law enforcement efforts were frustrated by Lin’s skilled use of anonymizing software and apps, if they had taken our client’s reports seriously when she first reported it, this never would have escalated to such extreme depths, scaring people in their homes, schools, and communities.    

Our client came to us fragile, distrusting and horrified by the magnitude of destruction inflicted upon her. From day one, our firm’s singular goal was to make this abuse stop because her life was taken over by this man’s destructive obsession.

We are grateful for the wonderful collaboration with the FBI, DOJ, and local Waltham law enforcers. Lin was arrested and charged last night, which is a major and necessary step for our client to begin to process and heal from this horror.