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195 Plymouth Street
Brooklyn, NY

(646) 666 - 8908

Brooklyn law firm focused on revenge porn litigation, internet privacy rights, and sex crime civil remedies. Founded by Carrie Goldberg. 

C. A. Goldberg PLLC - Internet Privacy & Victim Rights Lawyer in Brooklyn

Brooklyn law firm focused on revenge porn litigation, internet privacy rights, and sex crime civil remedies. Founded by Carrie Goldberg. 

you aren't crazy. the situation is. 


We get IT

C. A. Goldberg, PLLC, is a New York law firm that represents individuals who are under attack. Our objective is to keep our clients safe and to get their lives back on track ASAP. Advocacy and litigation are how we do it. Our cases involve Internet Privacy and Abuse, Domestic Violence and Sexual Consent.  

Together we can attack the attack.  

Carrie Goldberg, Esq., is a Board Member at the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative and its project; a member of a handful of DV and Bar Committees; Cosmopolitan Magazine's "Fun Fearless Female" for Aug 2014 deeming her a "Cyber-Crusader;" a frequent lecturer about sexual privacy at law schools; on AG Kamala Harris' Cyber Exploitation Task Force and its Law Enforcement subcommittee; active in legislative reform to criminalize revenge porn; admitted to practice in NYS Supreme 1st Dept., and Eastern and Southern Federal District Courts. 



Our goal is to get you back on track.  There are long-term and short-term ways to do this.  Some examples of how we stop abuse and online attacks:

  • Orders of Protection
  • Help you report a crime
  • Intervene with social media 
  • Sue to stop the harm
  • Sue to get you compensation for what you've endured
  • Proceedings to de-anonymize harassers and trolls
  • Register your copyright
  • Search engine rehab
  • Online content removal
  • Advocate for the Complainant at school disciplinary hearings
  • Injunction/restraining order to prevent release of naked pictures or videos


it's shitty

If you are seeking our representation, chances are you're dealing with something shitty.  The other people in your life may not know exactly how to help you or what to say. Maybe you haven't even told them. Sadly some vicious people feel entitled to destroy things for others.  It's not your fault for being the target of that destruction. Being under attack is a lonely and isolating experience.  Most of our clients feel like nobody understands.  We understand shitty situations.  Every single client of ours comes to us with one.  You are not alone.

it's viral 

The Internet is heaven and hell.  With our increasingly digital lives, the distinction between online and offline has faded away. So if something bad is happening to you online, it's probably impacting all areas of your life. There's no easy way to unsubscribe or log out of online abuse.  The Internet is where we communicate, shop, date, game, work, blog, publish.  And for some cowards, it's where they abuse, humiliate, and harm.


together, let's stop the crazy!

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