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195 Plymouth Street
Brooklyn, NY

(646) 666 - 8908

C. A. Goldberg, PLLC builds strategies that endure, reconciling your needs now with your needs in the future.


C A Goldberg, PLLC.  A NY law firm specializing in clients' urgent and longterm needs.  Focus areas are: Trusts & Estates and Elder law, Internet Privacy and Revenge Porn Litigation, and Sex Crime Civil Remedies.


Who We Are

C. A. Goldberg, PLLC, is a New York law firm that predicts and protects the modern client’s privacy and intergenerational planning needs and exacts justice when the right to intimate privacy and autonomy have been encroached upon.

We serve urgent and long-term needs.


What we do

We provide legal representation in three distinct areas:

Trusts & Estates and Elder Law

Internet Privacy Litigation

Victim Rights


How We Work

Our firm is small and focused.
Consequently, we don’t accept all cases. At our nucleus is a set of core standards that guide our process of case selection:

  • Honorable and realistic client goals
  • Value-building objectives
  • Collaborative lawyer-client rapport
  • Merits of the case

Our Values

Adherence to our values requires that we examine each case carefully at the beginning to determine if we are the right firm for you and if you are the right client for us. We do not take cases that compromise our standards of justice and ethics, nor will we take a case if the goal is unrealistic or unattainable.  Profiting from baseless actions is something that some firms do.  Not us.

Candid Analysis

We provide candid analysis of the potential client’s desired outcome and communicate transparently about the estimated legal costs and time expenditure required to achieve the identified outcome. This is a modern firm. We conduct meetings with an eye toward the client’s convenience and busy life and are happy to communicate in person, by phone, Gchat, Facetime, or Skype as long as the internet connection is secure.

                                      Our Style

                                                                                                  Savvy and energized lawyering
                                                                                                  Careful and considered strategies
                                                                                                  Comprehensive A-to-Z problem-solving
                                                                                                  Communicative and attentive client relations


Inquiries?  Call 646.666.8908