Aurore DeCarlo, Esq.

Aurore DeCarlo, Esq.

Senior Partner

Aurore DeCarlo has spent nearly 20 years fighting for the rights of victims. She has extensive experience in all phases of litigation including almost 50 trials. She has battled against employers, individuals, educational institutes, corporate landlords and developers as well as city, state, and federal agencies in hundreds of cases in civil court, NYS Supreme Court, Appellate courts, administrative tribunals, housing court and federal court.

Areas of Practice  

With a particular focus on C.A. Goldberg’semployment law, Title IX, sexual assault/harassment and defamation defensepractices, Aurore has achieved exceptional results on behalf of the firm’s clients in a multitude of cases against school districts, universities, employers, and individual offenders.  

Aurore has represented plaintiffs in federal and state workplace disputes including but not limited to discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, and defamation. She has procured awards totaling in the millions of dollars on behalf of clients who pursued lawsuits for discrimination, sexual harassment, and retaliation against a multitude of employers – whether small startup companies, behemoth financial institutions, and anything in between.  

Aurore has also represented many clients in Title IX litigation against school districts and universities that have failed to protect the rights of students. Aurore has litigated cases involving students in K-12 education, obtaining several high awards on behalf of clients as young as 13 years old. She has also represented students in Title IX proceedings at all phases of dispute – from university’s internal investigations to federal litigation against educational institutions that have retaliated against students for reporting sexual harassment and assault.  

Aurore often represents plaintiffs in high-profile sexual harassment and sexual assault cases involving highly-resourced and powerful defendants – including moguls in the entertainment business, corporate CEOs, politicians, and world renowned physicians. 

She has represented numerous clients in lawsuits or pre-litigation negotiations under New York and New Jersey’s Child Victims Acts – where clients have sought damages against individuals who sexually assaulted them when they were minor children or the institutions , such as schools or churches, who allowed the sexual assaults to be perpetrated under their supervision.  

Aurore has developed a particular expertise in the area of defamation defense where clients have spoken up about their experiences of sexual harassment and sexual assault only to be sued by their offenders. She has successfully defended dozens of cases, protecting her clients’ rights to speak publicly about their experiences without a single client being held liable for defamation or paying a cost for speaking out. 


Aurore has achieved exceptional results on behalf of the firm’s clients in a variety of scenarios including:

  • Negligent response from a dating app after a victim was raped by someone she met on the app
  • Civil claims on behalf of a victim who was sexually abused by her doctor
  • Student sexually harassed by a professor
  • A man sexually assaulted by his massage therapist
  • Underage victim sexually assaulted while on a school trip
  • Civil action related to a drug rape at a large hotel chain

Some of her recent results for C.A. Goldberg, PLLC clients include:

  • $850,000.00 pre-litigation settlement pursuant to Child Victims Act
  • $800,000.00 recovery in hostile work environment/retaliation claim against employer, an international bank
  • $450,000.00 recovery for a victim of unlawful surveillance by employer

Aurore is a graduate of Columbia Law School and New York University’s Robert Wagner Graduate School of Public Service.

She is admitted to practice law in New York State and the Southern District of New York.


What our clients say about working with Aurore:

A friend of mine referred me to C.A. Goldberg, PLLC where I was immediately embraced and empowered to proceed with strength and resolution. I can’t say enough about how wonderful the staff made me feel. The best part about working with them was the rapid response time. I had resolution within a couple of days from my initial call.

I would recommend this firm to friends and family. You made me feel supported and empowered, the wise advice of counsel removed my concerns about navigating the sometimes complex and intimidating justice system. My advice to anyone thinking about hiring C.A. Goldberg, PLLC would be to cast aside the doubt, financial, or otherwise, prioritize safety and peace of mind, and take control of your situation.


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