7-figure recovery for victim of nonconsensual sex act

November 2019: C.A. Goldberg, PLLC wins 7-figure recovery for victim of nonconsensual sex act!

The criminal justice system aims to punish offenders, but is not designed to address the harms sustained by the survivors. During long, complex criminal prosecutions, the survivor can wind up feeling abandoned, with little say in the outcome and settlement of the case. And although some social systems are in place to help victims cope with the trauma (e.g., counseling centers), rarely do these go far enough towards redressing the injuries suffered. No amount of money will undo an injury or erase horrible memories. However, money can certainly help make life a little more comfortable for a person who’s suffered. And it can make life a little less comfortable for the entity who caused the suffering. Through civil court, survivors can exact justice for themselves, suing the offender and other third parties responsible for the damages and losses suffered. Here, the survivor is in the driver’s seat.

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