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Our victims’ rights law firm represents several victims of Harvey Weinstein in criminal and upcoming civil cases. He’s a lecherous serial rapist whose criminal actions have been protected FOR DECADES by a labyrinth of complicit executives, board members, lawyers, and people who knew but did nothing. They all chose greed over the safety and compassion of the women who were sexually abused and retaliated against by its CEO and his corrupt foot soldiers.

Numerous outlets, particularly the New Yorker and the New York Times, have detailed Weinstein’s incredible efforts to shame and suppress our clients from ever speaking up. The consequences of Weinstein’s retribution has affected the careers of these women and robbed them of financial stability.

While our firm’s services related to criminal matters on these cases are offered pro-bono, and the expenses for the civil cases will be exorbitant, the rapist, in contrast has the financial resources to hire teams of lawyers and ex-fucking-Moussad agents to run reconnaissance and stalk our clients’ personal and professional lives.

Our clients hired the best attorneys for the job — we are ferocious, tenacious, and have an amazing track record of getting psychos, assholes, and perverts thrown in jail. We are also known for our bold David and Goliath suits against companies and institutions that, in some cases, are worth billions more than our clients. (See our cases against Grindr, the NYC Dept of Ed, etc.)  And we are purists about who we represent — victims and only victims.

Contrary to what others may think, well-known actresses do not have a reservoir of money to pay for legal fees required for this behemoth of a case. Please show them the power of people coming together to end the reign of men who use their power to coerce, abuse, and rape, by donating to their legal fund.

We are not a 501(c)3. All donations go into our client operating fund. All donor information shall be confidential and no accountings shall be provided to donors.