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I'm Confused!

Some problems feel so overwhelming, it's hard to even know where to begin.

Maybe you don’t know where to find information, how to categorize the problem, or even the language to use to talk about it. That’s okay.  Leave that to us!

Let’s face it, there are horrible individuals in this world that seem to exist just to harm others.  Sometimes the harm is outside the realm of what any normal person wants to believe. In fact, maybe it took a while for you to believe it yourself.

Trust us, these people specialize in causing you to distrust yourself. You aren’t crazy. The situation is.

If you have been attacked, harassed, slandered, intimidated, humiliated, or controlled, get in touch.  If you are in a dangerous relationship and want help leaving it, we’ll help you strategize.

Many of our clients have never hired a lawyer before. They never needed one. Until they did.

Our clients are moms and actors, CEOs and grad students.  They’re web developers, movie directors, bloggers, scientists, and politicians.  They’re middle school students and high school principals. They’re international pop stars and fashionistas. They’re all ages, races, religions, genders, and sexualities.

There are three things all our clients have in common:

- They’re normal people confronting an abnormal situation.

- Somebody has tried to take away their dignity.

- They want their life back.

C. A. Goldberg, PLLC, is skilled at figuring out how to solve the problem and get lives back on track. We know what to do.  We’ll help you figure out the right path – whether it’s to sue, get a restraining order, advise you about reporting something to the cops, intervene in an online crisis, or devise a safety plan.

If you are a young person, it is important that you tell an adult you trust about the problem.  It does not need to be a parent.  The problem may feel overwhelming and like you won't ever be able to recover, but there is help out there for you.  School can be a cruel place and you do not need to suffer in isolation.  If you are feeling desperate, please text "start" to Crisis Text Line at 741-741.

We, too, have had problems that seemed too big to conquer. That’s why we started the firm – to be the lawyer we needed during our own times of distress.