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C. A. Goldberg, PLLC was founded to find justice for victims of sexual privacy violations and to deter offenses from happening in the first place. From the outset we’ve committed an unusual amount of time working pro bono on cases and policies that have a huge impact.

Our pro bono work

Your help means everything.

Our incredible success at opening investigations with the Office of Civil Rights in all three of our sexual assault cases against the NYC Dept of Ed is the result of us recognizing an awful pattern and practice with DOE punishing low income girls of color who'd been raped by a peer.  Our firm recognized its privilege in having the unusual tools -- the legal skills, crazed fighting spirit, and flexibility of a small firm to call our own shots -- to get justice for victims and stop this systemic practice. And we made the decision to sacrifice time spent on paying matters because the matter is THAT important and the impact THAT widespread. We won a Notice of Claim proceeding against NYC on behalf of a client whose rape video was distributed throughout her middle school. It was entirely pro bono, as were our 50-H hearings against NYC. We’ve spent over a hundred hours pro bono working with law enforcers on the arrest of several specific sextorters. And another hundred hours working on complaints with the Federal Trade Commission to stop a revenge porn operator and a malicious porn company.  Our first year in practice -- in 2014 -- we spent approximately 800 hours on unpaid legal work for victims of revenge porn. The thousands of hours we've spent on unpaid matters have produced incredible results. We have more open OCR investigations (5) into k-12 schools than any other firm in the country, helped actualize over a dozen revenge porn criminal bills, had a major victory for our 13 year old client whose rape tape went viral in Anonymous v New York City Department of Education. It’s not uncommon for us to spend the first 30 hours of a case just stabilizing a young traumatized client — securing a school safety transfer, finding a therapist that takes Medicaid, identifying community social services, finding a pediatric trauma-informed gynecologist — before even starting the lawyering. We are constantly contacted by victims in need of our special expertise who cannot afford to pay us. We would like to take more of these cases, but can’t because of our limited resources and our self-funded cases against NYC DOE. Donations are so appreciated. They are applied toward the CAG General Client Legal Fund and go toward our pro bono and unpaid invoices from impoverished clients based on urgency and at our discretion. We are not a 501(c)3.  

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