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Anti-Abortion Terrorism

The daily threat of terror and violence must stop.

Anti-Abortion Terrorism

Acts of terror directed toward abortion providers, recipients and advocates

Abortion remains a controversial topic but reproductive choice is a constitutional right. Yet thousands of extremists have focused their attention on harassing and terrorizing abortion providers, organizations, patients, and advocates. These activities include but aren't limited to violence, intimidation, stalking, coercion, and harassment and - historically - murder. Our experience in helping victims of sexual privacy violations provides a solid base for our expansion into fighting for targets of anti-abortion terrorism.

We represent targets of the following:

  • Online harassment and "doxxing"
    Extremists will publish and circulate identifying and/or private information of providers and their families in order to create 'hit lists' or encourage other like-minded individuals to harass providers online, at work, or at home.
  • Intrusions into buffer zones, vandalism, and/or trespassing
  • Copyright infringement
    Sometimes anti-abortion activists will reappropriate articles published by individuals telling about their abortion experience.  Huge swaths of somebody's article will wind up on  pro-life web sites and those readers will be incited to harass the storyteller.  That's a copyright infringement. Sometimes they also post her picture that they found elsewhere on the internet.  Also a copyright infringement.
  • Stalking
  • Hacking and security breaches
  • Unlawful surveillance