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A Note to Parents

If the cruelest of crimes happened to your child

Could anything be more devastating than discovering that your child has been the victim of a heinous crime?   For those who find their way to us, our firm’s top priority is your child’s immediate safety and well-being. In some of our cases, that means finding the child counseling and social services or advocating with the school district for a safety transfer. We are first and foremost allies for you and your child. We act as advocates for clients at every step, including any meetings with school officials, government representatives, media, and law enforcement.

We are experienced in navigating the delicate balance between securing a safe and healthy environment for victims, minimizing fallout from the attack (including media and reputation damage), and securing justice and recompense from attackers. We go to great lengths to make sure kids stay anonymous during legal cases, so that this does not go on to define their lives.

We have provided legal representation to young persons facing major struggles:  raped and filmed by a peer, nude pictures sent around the school, extorted on the Internet and blackmailed with nude pictures.  We can help obtain orders of protection, refer the case to law enforcement, and get the school involved if necessary.  Our cases include personal-injury lawsuits against the culpable party or third parties that were negligent, disciplinary and grievance proceedings at schools, lawsuits against schools if they mishandled the situation, and settlements outside of court. We have experience obtaining court approval for settlements we reach (known as "infant compromise proceedings," they are a necessity when a person under 18 receives a settlement).

Throughout the process, we are committed to pursuing a strategy that is customized to your child's needs and priorities. In a time of crisis, we believe it is critical that victims get to reclaim control over the situation.